Performance dates for the 2019-20season are:

     Les Premieres Dates:

    April 4th Pinwheels for Prevention - Citizen Circle Mandatory

    April 17th Spring Production 8:00pm MSA Mandatory

    April 25th and possibly 26th CF Alice In Wonderland (guests of SRDC) Not mandatory



    Semester shows at West Port High school

    Thursday May 14th 7:00pm Call time 6:00 (second semester show)




    The show is at West Port High School and be approximately 90min, so please arrange to be there! Further instructions for show day are sent home as we get closer to the datel, however, the following is a list of things your dancer will need for the performance.


      1. Kindergarten and 1st grade girls will need spaghetti strap black leotard, tan tights (*convertible), and black shoes (no heels/dress). Boys will need plain black pants, black shirt, and black shoes.
      2. ALL of 2nd grade girls will need black spaghetti strap leotard and tan tights (*convertible). Boys will need black shirt and black pants. Shoes TBA.
      3. ALL 3rd grade girls will need black spaghetti strapped leotard and tan tights (*convertible). Boys, black pants, black shirt, and no shoes for either group.
      4. ALL 4th grade and 5th grade girls will need a black spaghetti strapped leotard, black shorts, tan tights and black shoes. Boys need a black shirt, black pants, and **black shoes.
    • All girls should have hair in either a high pony tail or bun. No jewelry or finger nail polish is to be worn and tan tights are to be non-shiny. Boys must wear all black socks if needed. *Convertible tights have a small hole on the bottom of the foot that can be pulled up over the ankle, converting them to footless tights (with the seam landing at the ankle)
    •  Please understand failure to wear appropriate items listed above (on show day) will not only reflect poorly in the dancer’s grade; but will also result in that dancer not being able to participate in the show! The performance is the formal assessment for Dance in lieu of a written exam so attendance is imperative.
    • **Remember shoes must be completely black without any stripes or color on them at all