• Forest High School

    Course:  Electrocardiograph Technician

    Teacher:  Ms. McManis


    Grading Policy:

    • Journals & Assignments 50% (Journals are due the next class day!)
    • Professionalism 50%

    You must contact Ms. McManis if you are unable to shadow on a scheduled day.  This is part of your professionalism grade, failure to do so will result in two zero’s in the grade book! You are allowed to miss one shadow station, with good reason, without penalty if you have communicated with Ms. McManis.  Other absences may have an alternative assignment with the grade of 70%.


    Course Outline

    This course prepares students to be employed as EKG Technicians.  Content includes, but it not limited to, a foundation in the cardiovascular system, basic dysrhythmias, and safety measures for the individual, co-workers and patients.

    The EKG course also focuses on clinical shadowing in local health care facilities.  We currently utilize approximately 30 patient shadow stations.  MRMC requires a background check and a nine-panel drug test to shadow at the hospital. MRMC will allow 12 students in their facility and these students will chose a specific track of interest.


    Health Science Facts:

    • Students accepted in this program are required to provide their own reliable transportation to and from the health care facilities. The Marion County School Board does not allow students to ride together.
    • Students are required to purchase navy scrub uniforms. Each set costs approximately $25.00-30.00.  HOSA patches are mandatory on all uniforms and are $5.00
    • Health Science 3 is affiliated with the intra-curricular club HOSA. Clubs dues are approximately $33.00 which includes local, regional, state, and national affiliations.
    • You will be asked to sign numerous permission forms. These forms are essential for access to medical facilities and patient observation.  Thank you in advance for your patience and promptness with the required paperwork.
    • Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic, discipline, and attendance records.
    • All Marion County health care facilities require that students are fully immunized and receive a TB test within 12 months of shadowing. The cost is approximately $15.00 for the TB test.  Proof of chicken pox illness or immunization is also required.
    • The local health care community does not allow acrylic fingernails to be worn in shadow areas. There are no exceptions.
    • Students becoming pregnant will be dropped from the course. Safety for the mother and baby are the priority. This may result in credit deficiency for graduation and scholarship forfeiture.