• Intensive Math Assignments

    Students in Intensive Math will need to work on MobyMax for 45 minutes each week. All students should be familiar with the program and will only be working on the Math component. Students should be completing at least one entire lesson per week. Students may complete their assigned lessons in any order they choose and if all of their assigned lessons are completed, they should then work on their regular lessons. 


    To access MobyMax, students can click the link https://www.mobymax.com/signin and use the following to log in.

    School Code: FL1204

    username: Student's ID number

    password: Student's first name


    If you have any issues with logging into MobyMax, email (jamison.kirschenpfad@marion.k12.fl.us) or call me at (352)462-3195.


    Students will be working on skills based on their grade level in MobyMax and may work on lower grade level lessons if necessary. Students may contact me during normal school hours or during my office hours if they need help on specific skills or problems. They can also post questions in Google Classroom to collaborate with their classmates. Extra credit will be given to students that assist others in Google Classroom and to those that participate in discussions. 




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