• I truly believe that learning occurs by making mistakes. In order to learn from those mistakes we must be able to fix them. This is why I allow students make quiz/test corrections to earn back half the points they lost. The goal for students when correcting mistakes on a quiz/test is not simply to improve grades but to fully understand the material.  Incorrect answers on the quiz/test may mean that the student did not understand the topic found in that question, and could lead to falling behind in following units. To avoid this and help you be successful, please follow the below steps for quiz/test corrections.

    Directions for correcting mistakes:

    • On a separate piece of lined paper write the number of the problem and work out the problem correctly. Please make sure to write neatly.
    • Next, staple the corrections to your quiz/test.
    • Have a parent/guardian sign the quiz/test.
    • Return the original quiz/test and corrections to me the due date.

    If all of the above is followed, then I will award you half the points you lost.


    *Not all tests/quizes will have the option of corrections. I will announce which ones are applicable along with the due date.