School Activities

  • There are numerous activities conducted throughout the school year as a part of the student's instructional day. There are many different purposes served by the variety of activities offered, but the primary function of special activities is to enhance each student's range of experiences and opportunities. Aside from the experience itself, school activities provide opportunities for enhancing:

    • Self-Image
    • Social Interaction
    • Social Behavior
    • Work Skills
    • Leisure Skills
    • Community Exposure
    • Cooperation
    • Team Work
    • Rule Following


    Numerous assemblies and Pep Rallies are planned school wide throughout the year. Pep Rallies should be viewed as a reward at the end of the week for all students who have worked hard and have cooperated with others throughout the week.


    The purpose of trips is to enhance:

    • Community Awareness
    • Social Interaction
    • Use of Facilities
    • Job Preparation
    • Leisure Skills
    • Peer Interaction
    • Community Service
    • Generalization of Classroom Skills

    Trips will be scheduled for each classroom to plan appropriate community excursions within the framework of the students' general interest and abilities. The overriding goal is to ease the transition of our students into the community once they have graduated.