Vocational Program


    Specific instruction in commercial food preparation, serving, and clean-up skills is provided. Other skill areas that may be offered include child-care experiences, light grounds keeping, hotel/motel service, job-related vocabulary and attitudes, leisure and recreational skills, along with maintenance of academic skills previously learned. Work-study is provided.




    The focus of Vocational Agriculture is maximum independent living post-school within the individual student's ability. Students are taught employability and home-living skills. Jobs are both simulated on campus and attained through the Work Study program. Specific instruction is given to students in the improvement of social skills during work and leisure times.


    In the greenhouse, students are taught plant propagation, plant care, and organizational skills. The plants are then sold with proceeds being used to fund class activities and equipment needs.




    Outdoor gardening includes fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and hydroponics. Vegetable plants are started from seeds, maintained and then harvested. The produce is sold in weekly "Veggie Sales."  Many people look forward to vegetables and herbs grown by the students which are fresh from the garden.




    Lawn Maintenance
    Vocational Agriculture has a contract with the school Maintenance Department to mow the grounds during the school year. Students are taught equipment safety, maintenance, mowing and lawn maintenance skills.


    In all areas, students must:

    • Wear the appropriate equipment
    • Locate specific tools
    • Practice safety
    • Listen carefully to instructions
    • Learn how to focus on the task at hand
    • Use appropriate social skills with peers and supervisors
    • Perform a task to the best of student's ability


    Off campus work-study experiences are provided for selected students who are prepared for work experience. Community Based Instruction (CBI) activities are provided to students in order to use community resources for instructional purposes.


    In addition, employees enjoy the opportunity to work directly with our students.
    Customers are impressed with community support and graduates are ready to successfully join the workforce.



    • Receive realistic work experience;
    • Get hands-on training;
    • Are paired with a co-worker;
    • Are reinforced by job coaches;
    • Learn employability skills;
    • Improve work skills;
    • Develop social skills;
    • Gain self-esteem and independence.



    Ms. Tracy Bravo
    Ms. Lisa Lancaster
    Ms. Leliana O'Casey