Vocational Program

  • The Vocational Department at Hillcrest School is made up of Vocational Agriculture and Work Study Instruction.  The focus of Vocational is to achieve maximum independence in post-school living within the individual student’s ability. Students are exposed to employability and home-living skills.  There is a focus on social skills instruction during work, classroom activities, and leisure times.  Growth towards these goals are documented to include:


    • Wearing appropriate clothes for each different work site
    • Locating materials, tools and supplies needed for a task
    • Practicing safety rules
    • Listening carefully to instruction
    • A focus on the task at hand without being distracted
    • Using appropriate social skills with peers and supervisors
    • Showing respect to others
    • Performing a task to the best of student’s ability








    Ms. Tracy Bravo
    Ms. Jessica Denison
    Ms. Lisa Lancaster
    Mr. Richard Marcello
    Ms. Lisa Marcello
    Ms. Danelle Harwell
    Ms. Jessica Pettis
    Ms. Skye Barz