Developmental Skills


    Approximate ages are from eleven to twenty-two years. This program is provided for students who demonstrate significant symptoms of Autistic Behavior. These students exhibit impairment in the handling of sensory information, with extreme difficulties in communication, social behavior and learning.



    1. Communication is a focus for all activities including daily living, academic, social, and personal skills.
    2. Assistive technology is used for students who are non-verbal or have limited verbal skills.
    3. Communication skills are reinforced in a community setting.


    1. Students receive specialized therapies which are integrated with the curriculum such as Occupational Therapy, and Speech/Language Therapy.
    2. Therapeutic therapy is also offered through the MTRA horseback riding program.



    Ms. Skye Barz
    Ms. Kimberly Christie
    Ms. Michele Collins
    Ms. Sharon Lord
    Ms. Amy Owensby