Bryce Canyon

Plate Tectonics

  • New Homework

    Read Pages 214-220

    Complete Page 221 1-3 and 4,5, and 7

    Directions for 1-3 Add the words "to Earth"

    at the top of the page after the word "related."

    Due Block Day April 11th/12th


      Old Homework

    Read pages 274-283

    Complete page  285 1, 2, 4, 5, 8

    Due April 4/5 (Block Day)


    Read page 258-268

    Complete page 269 1-7

    Due March 28/29


     Read pages 699-708

    Complete 709 1-6 Due Block Day Feb. 14/15



    Weather Vocabulary P.683 and P. 691 1-11 Due Block day Jan. 31st and Feb 1st



    Read/Review pages 634-644

    Complete Page 645 1-5

    Due Block Day 1/31 and 2/1

    Complete Page 629 1-3 and 6-8

    Due Jan 25th


    Heat Transfer Vocabulary p. 617 Skip "thermal expansion." Due Jan. 18

    Complete P. 615 1-7 Due Jan. 15

    Atmosphere Vocabulary page 607

    Write the words and the definitions

    On notebook paper write the words/definitions for Rocks on page 327 in the green box.

    There are 8 words. Delete "subsidence" and "rift zone."

    Ms. Pecor's Landform Project

    1.  Students will choose their favorite landform. They may pick from the following list:

            Mountain, hoodoos, river, glacier, sinkhole, alluvial fan, peninsula, canyon, or volcano.

    2.  Students will research their landform.

    3.  Students will create a 2D (flat poster), or 3D model of the landform that they have chosen. Any type of materials can be used to create the model.

     4.  The students will also write a 2-4 paragraph paper describing the landform, how it formed, and why it was chosen by the student. The student should mention any famous examples of the  landform. For example: If a student chooses mountains, then Mt. Everest should be mentioned in the paper, and that it is the tallest mountain, as well as other information about it. (The paper may be typed but can be hand written.)

     5. Due Date: Nov. 29th  Periods 1-3-5

                         Nov. 30th   Periods 2-4-2-6

    On notebook paper write the words/definitions for "Minerals" from page 311 in the green box.

    Due: Nov. 8th (Periods 1,3,5) and 9th (Periods 2,4,6)


    TEST ON NOVEMBER 1st and 2nd!

    Due Block Day October 18/19!

    Text Pages 362 18-21

    Text Pages 363 1-10

    Pangaea Pieces (Click on this to print a new copy)

    Due:  Next Block Day October 4th and 5th.

    Create a Pangaea Poster

    1. Color Handout from Ms. Pecor (No markers for this part)

    2. Cut out the shapes carefully.

    These are puzzle pieces and must be cut in great detail.

    Take your time.

    3. Place Antarctica near the bottom of the sheet and glue it down on the construction paper provided.

    4. Place the other pieces so that they fit together like puzzle pieces.

    5. Glue them down.

    6. Make a title:Pangaea (with a marker)

    7. Put your name on the back.



     Pangaea #2

     Sept. 13th and 14th

    Review Text Pages 341-347

    Complete Page 348   11-14

    Complete Page 349   1-7