Bryce Canyon


  • New Homework

    Go over Study Guide key terms and questions.

    Read and study all notes and foldables including bell ringers.

    Make Flash Cards of key terms


    End of Year Study Guide (Click on the Words Below)

    Study Guide


    Final Exams are on May 22nd  and 23rd


    Periods 1,3,5 May 22nd    Periods 2,4,6 May 23rd





     Old Homework

    Due Friday April 20th

    Page 736 1, 3, 4, and 5

    and Page 744 1-6


    Due Block Day April 12/13

    Complete page 704  1-9

    Due Block Day April 5th and 6th

    Read pages 687-693

    Complete page 694 1-7


    Due Next Block Day March 1st and 2nd

    Students should read pages 245-249

    Complete page 250 1-8 and

    Page 251  1-5 Write the word and then the arrow.

    For example #1 would be   subsidence 1. 


     Ms. Pecor’s Landform Project--Due Date: February 20th Tuesday

    1. Students will choose their favorite landform.

        They may pick from the following list:

    mountain, ocean, hoodoo, lake, river, glacier, sinkhole, beach, alluvial fan,

    peninsula, lagoon, bay, estuary, mesa, butte, plateau, plain, island, coral reef,

    cliff, canyon, waterfall, or volcano

    2. Students will research the landform that was chosen.


    3. Students will create a 2D (flat poster) or

        3D model of the landform that they have chosen.

        Any type of materials may be used to create the model.  


    4. The students will also write a 2-4 paragraph paper

        describing the landform and why it was chosen. 

       The student should mention any famous examples

       of the landform. For example: If a student chooses

      mountains, then Mt. Everest should be mentioned in

      the paper, and that it is the tallest mountain, as well

      as other information about it.

    (The paper may be typed but can be hand written.) 


    Due next Block Day Feb. 1/2

    Read Pages 131-136

    Complete Page 137 1-4


    Due Block Day January 25/26

    Read pages 89-93

    Complete p 94  1-5


    Due Wednesday January 17th

    Read pages 19-25

    Complete page 26 1-7 skip #6

    Do: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

    For #7

    Put "Earth's Magnetic Field" in the left box, then

    1 fact in each one on the right about Earth's magnetic field.


    Due Block Day January 11/12

    Read pages 11 to 15.

    Complete p. 16   1-6


    Work on 7-8 questions a day.

    Due: Nov 30/ Dec 1

    Page 468  1-8


     Due: Block Day-- Nov.16/17

    Page 439  1-7


    Due Wednesday October 25th

    Complete Page 423  1-7 (Chapter 11)



    Read NOS pages 20-27. Write a paragraph telling about how the "Ice Man" died.

    Be sure to include all the different hypotheses about his cause of death.

    Due Date Extended to Block Days October 12th and 13th.


    Start reading NOS Section 3 about the "Ice Man."


    1.  Read NOS pages 1-11

    2. Complete Textbook Page NOS 11 (Right after the table of contents)

        1-6 (The part the student completes is lightly shaded yellow.)

    Due Sept. 7 and 8, 2017 (Block Day)


    Supplies Needed

    1 80-100 page spiral or composition notebook

    2  duotang folders (3 prongs and 2 pockets)

    Notebook paper (kept in one of the folders-above)