Bryce Canyon

The Nature of Science and Earth's Layers

  • New Homework

    Due Block Day October 18/19!

    Text Pages 362 18-21

    Text Pages 363 1-10


    Old Homework

    Pangaea Pieces (Click on this to print a new copy)

    Due:  Next Block Day October 4th and 5th.

    Create a Pangaea Poster

    1. Color Handout from Ms. Pecor (No markers for this part)

    2. Cut out the shapes carefully.

    These are puzzle pieces and must be cut in great detail.

    Take your time.

    3. Place Antarctica near the bottom of the sheet and glue it down on the construction paper provided.

    4. Place the other pieces so that they fit together like puzzle pieces.

    5. Glue them down.

    6. Make a title:Pangaea (with a marker)

    7. Put your name on the back.



     Pangaea #2

     Sept. 13th and 14th

    Review Text Pages 341-347

    Complete Page 348   11-14

    Complete Page 349   1-7