What Parents Need to Know

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    Volunteers change our world... and are changing our schools

    • Be a School Volunteer!

      • Marion County Public Schools’ Volunteer Program is a district-wide effort encouraging and promoting community involvement.
      • As partners in helping children learn your sacrifice in our classrooms is invaluable and highly beneficial.
      • By sharing your time and talent, you help enrich the learning experience for students and provide much needed support for our school system.
      • Everyone who comes into Marion County Public Schools has a valuable part to play in making this the best place it can be for learning.
      • Every school in the county needs volunteers. School volunteers come from every walk of life and work with students of all ages. As a volunteer you provide what schools needs most: 
        • Talents and skills to share with students and teachers.
        • Positive values that children can learn to help them success in school.
      • Each school in the county has different needs, but the need that exists across the county is community involvement and support.
      • School volunteers and business partners enhance student learning, enriching the educational opportunities available to students. School volunteers assist in:
        • Career Awareness
        • Guest Speaker
        • Fine Arts
        • Junior Achievement
        • Field Trips
        • School Advisory Council
        • PTO/PTA
        • The Rock
        • Fundraising
        • Media Centers
        • Sporting Events
        • Mentoring

    Volunteering Makes a Difference in your Child’s Education

    Volunteering Helps Create Community

    Volunteering Allows You to Get to Know Teachers and Staff

    Volunteering Makes Schools Better

    Volunteering Allows You to Use Your Strengths




    Los padres son invitados a ser voluntarios en la escuela. Cada esfuerzo será hecho para determinar como cada padre voluntario pueda participar activamente en la educación de nuestros estudiantes. Los voluntarios son necesitados para dar ayuda a los estudiantes, ayudar con los libros de biblioteca, en juegos, y archivar papeles en la oficina. Si usted esta interesado en ayudar, favor de comunicarse con la oficina.