Spanish 2

  • Course Description:

    1. Major concepts/content: Spanish 2 reinforces the fundamental skills acquired by the students in Spanish 1. The course develops increased listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as cultural awareness. Specific content to be covered is a continuation of listening and oral skills acquired in Spanish 1. Reading and writing receive more emphasis, while oral communication remains the primary objective. The cultural survey of the target language-speaking people is continued.
      1. Intermediate mid proficiency level skills in listening and speaking with special attention to pronunciation
      2. Intermediate mid proficiency level skills in reading and writing fundamentals with special attention to grammar and culture
    2. Course Requirements: After successfully completing this course, the student will:
      1. Possess sufficient vocabulary and structure to comprehend others and express himself or herself in areas of immediate need including, but not limited to, greetings, social pleasantries, personal information, .
      2. Respond without reference to English within the limits of vocabulary and structure of the course.
      3. Recognize typical word-order patterns of sentences.
      4. Read selected passages within the context of acquired vocabulary and grammar.
      5. Write complex sentences and answer personal questions within the acquired vocabulary and grammar.
      6. Write short compositions in Spanish.
      7. Be aware of basic aspects of the Spanish culture, including, but not limited to, holidays, customs, common foods, leisure-time activities, and selected artistic forms.
      8. Compare and contrast aspects of the culture of Spanish-speaking people with the culture in the United States, including common nonverbal responses.
    3. Course objectives and goals: In this class you will learn new vocabulary, Spanish grammar, about Hispanic culture, and how to speak, write, and read in Spanish. These skills will help prepare you to communicate with Spanish speakers.