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    Sponsors: Julianna Szilagyi 

    Purpose: Students are responsible for every aspect of running the business. The yearlong curriculum begins in March and ends with a mid-February final deadline. Students start by developing a theme, and then continue by designing a cover, end sheets, layouts and modular designs. They set deadlines and meet them. They study the latest design trends and begin raising money by selling advertising and yearbooks and assisting with the organization of picture days.

    Requirements: Students wishing to be a part of the yearbook staff must contact adviser Julianna Szilagyi for approval. Students who enjoy success in the class generally have at least a 2.0 grade point average and a good attendance record.

    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)

    Dues/Fees: None other than the $2 required school participation fee

    Major Activities: The students in yearbook make a commitment every year to finance their entire vision for the yearbook without the financial help of the school or the county. Through fundraisers the students raise nearly $40,000 each year, the amount it costs to publish the book and for any extras such as workshops, cameras and computers.

    Meeting Time & Place: