Spanish Club

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    Sponsor: Daisy Torres

    Purpose: 1) To build a community of Spanish-speakers at Dunnellon High School that will continue to promote the use of the language. 2) To promote the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking people. 3) To assist students at Dunnellon High School in the learning of the Spanish language. 3) To participate in activities within the surrounding communities that are related to the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking people. 4) To host events and activities that assist students to learn more about t

    Requirements: 2.0 GPA, good discipline record, not on the "debt list"

    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)

    Dues/Fees: None other than the $2 required school participation fee

    Major Activities: Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Recycling Project, Christmas "Parrandas", Dunnellon Christmas Parade, Cinco de Mayo celebration, Participation in the DHS Talent Show, Cultural Field trip to Busch Gardens

    Meeting Time & Place: