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    Sponsor: Melanie Martin

    Purpose: Introduce students to leadership skills, community responsibility, environmental concerns, and to provide an overview of medical field careers and services. Upper levels include medical facility clinical rotations and will learn the skills required of a Certified Nursing Assistant. Clinical rotations for C N A Program at MRMC inability the student to take the State C N A test, which is optional.

    Requirements: Current;y enrolled in or have taken a course in Medical Skills & Services, Health Science I, II, Allied Health Assisting III. Mandatory to join for studnets in Health Science II, Allied Health Assisting III and Directed Studies.

    Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)

    Dues/Fees: $45 for regular members, $68 for block Health Science II and Allied Health Assisting, $20.00 lab fee, plus the $2 required school participation fee for all members

    Major Activities: School-wide blood drives (3-4 yrly), American Heart Association, Walk America for March of Dimes, nursing home visits, Hospital Visits, Tours of local medical facilities, Boys & Girls Clubs, Day of Caring, Pride Day, glasses for the Lions Club, host a needy family, volunteer to help at medical facilities, speakers, etc.

    Meeting Time & Place: 

    HOSA 2019