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    Class Information


    This week in class we will cover:

    (If a student is absent they are to gather their work and submit it to me within a week of their absence)


    February 12th thru February 16th

    -Mathematical Properties

    -Distributive Property

    -Real Life application of expressions

    -Students will be taking Standards Assessments on 6.EE.1.1 and 6.EE.1.2


    February 5th thru February 9th


    -Order of Operations

    -What variables are

    -Evaluating Expressions (How to solve them)

    -on Friday they will take a quiz on expressions


    January 29th thru February 2nd

    -Measures of Center

    -Measures of Variability

    -What a Box Plot is & how to compare them

    -on Friday they will take an assessment on standard 6.RP.1.3 & 6.NS.2.4


    January 22nd thru January 29th

    -Finding the Range of a data set

    -How to create a Dot Plot

    -How to create a Histogram

    -How to calculate Relative Frequency

    -on Friday they will have a Statistics quiz


    January 15th thru January 19th

    -Finding the Mean of a data set

    -Finding the Median of a data set

    -Finding the average of a data set

    **the students finished their iReady diagnostic test this week.  I will be discussing thier results with them during the upcoming weeks.  Please ask your child about this test, and the results, and what their goal is concerning the results.**


    January 8th thru January 12th

    -Statistical Question Review

    -Finding the percent of a number

    **Students began their iReady diagnostic this week**

    I appreciate all that you do for your child.