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     **If a student is absent they are to gather their work and submit it to me within a week of their absence**


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    The students will begin working in the Surface Area Unit.  They will have 2 Video Lectures entitled "Intro to Nets" and "Surfce Area of Cubes and Rectngular Prisms".  The will have 1 assignment this week, "Identifying 3D Shapes by Nets-Bad Dog". *These assignments will be due on Sunday 4/5 at 11 pm.



    The students will be continuing in the Surface Area Unit.  They will have 1 Video Lecture entitled "Surface Area of Tringular Prisms".  They will also have 2 review assignments entitled "Surface Area of Cubes and Rectangular Prisms" and "Surfce Area of Triangular Prisms".  *These assignments will be due on Sunday 4/12 at 11 pm.



    The students will be reviewing this week in preparartion for their quiz this week, by watching videos.  The quiz will be timed, because they have the ability to use their notes and the internet.  They won't have any other assignments until they do their quiz.  *The quiz will be due on Sunday 4/19 at 11 pm.



    The students will be continuing in the Surface Area Unit.  They will have 1 Video Lecture entitled "Surfce Area of Pyramids".  They will also have 2 review assignments.  *These assignments will be due on Sunday 4/26 at 11 pm.




    The students have finished the Surface Area Unit.  However they didn't do so well on the quiz 2 weeks ago, so before we move to the next unit next week, they will have the opportunity to re-take the quiz.  Along with that they will be able to go back and complete any of the assignments that they have not yet completed.  Please encourage them to take advantage of this time. *The quiz will be due on Sunday 5/3 at 11 pm.


    I appreciate all that you do for your child.