Students, If you see a club you are interested in, please contact the sponsor for more information.  When you go to the club page, the sponsor's name is a hyperlink to their email.

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Guidelines for Clubs & Organizations

  • Philosophy:

    In Marion County we believe that an extra-curricular program of clubs, organizations, and activities offers a positive and valuable dimension to the overall growth of young people into productive, responsible adults. We encourage participation as a means to provide young people with experiences which will convert to meaningful learning. 

    These experiences include, but are not limited to:

    • Discovery and development of leadership skills;
    • Opportunity for active citizenship participation;
    • Opportunity for self-expression and initiative;
    • Promotion of creative abilities;
    • Development of individual and group responsibility;
    • Opportunity to demonstrate skills learned in the classroom; and
    • Development of skills for use in future life. 

    HOSA 2019

    Student Membership Requirements:

    Students are encouraged to join and participate in clubs. Membership requirements are contained in each club’s constitution and by-laws; however, there are general regulations regarding eligibility for membership in any clubs and organizations.

     In accordance with the Marion County School Board and established school policies, individuals involved in activity programs must meet certain requirements. Prior to joining a club all students must:

    • Have a minimum 2.0 unweighted cumulative GPA and meet the club’s requirements.
    • Meet individual school participation fee requirements (There is a $2 school participation fee in addition to the individual club dues/fees.).
    • Complete the Student Participation and Parental Approval Form.  
    • All members must abide by the Marion County Code of Student Conduct for both on and off campus activities. 

    All clubs are encouraged to participate in school/community service learning projects.


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    Other Student Participation Guidelines:

    A student may hold the office of president for one(1) club/organization only per school year. However, a student is not limited to the number of other offices he/she may hold in other clubs; i.e. treasurer, secretary, etc. In addition to the grade point average requirement, a good discipline and attendance record are important. A student is not to attend a club or school sponsored function on days when he/she has not attended school. It is the sponsor's responsibility to enforce this policy.