Clubs & Organizations


    Our purpose is to provide co-curricular organizations and activities to permit all interested students an opportunity to participate. Every effort is made to avoid membership requirements that would prevent this participation.




    Students are encouraged to join and participate in clubs and organizations. Membership requirements are contained in each club's constitutions and by-laws; there are general requirements regarding eligibility for membership in any club or organization.


    In accordance with Marion County School Board and established school policies, certain requirements must be met by the individuals involved in activity programs.


    These are as follows:

    1. All students involved in activities must have at least a 2.0 (unweighted) cumulative GPA (9th and 10th graders may sign a "contract" in specific situations) and meet the club's requirements. Freshmen must have been "promoted" from 8th grade. Students may not have a fine on the "debt list".
    2. Students involved in any activities, whether on or off campus, are governed by the Marion County Code of Student Conduct.
    3. Students must complete a student participation and Parental Approval Form prior to joining any club.
    4. All students participating in extra-curricular organizations are required to pay a one-time participation fee of $2 for each club that they belong to.



    A student may hold the office of president for one(1) club/organization only per school year. However, a student is not limited to the number of other offices he/she may hold in other clubs; i.e. treasurer, secretary, etc. In addition to the grade point average requirement, a good discipline and attendance record are important. A student is not to attend a club or school sponsored function on days when he/she has not attended school. It is the sponsor's responsibility to enforce this policy.


     Dunnellon High School Clubs & Organizations


    Air Force Junior ROTC HOSA
    Band/Chorus Multicultural Club
    Class Sponsors National Honor Society
    Cyber Tigers Skills USA Computers Spanish
    Drama Club Student Council
    Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA)  
    Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA) Tigervision
    Future Farmers Of America (FFA) Yearbook


Sponsor: MSgt. Kevin Gunter
Purpose: Educational, PE, leadership, and character development
Requirements 2.0 GPA, good discipline record
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: None
Major Activities: Classroom study, drill teams, color guard, academic team, athletic competition team, field meets, field trips, various community service and charitable activities
Fund Raisers: Coupons for Education, cookie dough sale, Amer-A-Thon Fun Run


Website: BAND/CHORUS Website
Sponsor: Ms. Megan McMahon
Purpose: To promote music and vocal performances
Requirements Permission from the band director; 2.0 GPA to participate in after school activities.
Grade Levels: All Grades (9 - 12)
Dues: Band: Instrument rental fees if applicable. Chorus: $2.00 Participation Fee.
Major Activities: Football performances and concert festivals, marching competitions
Fund Raisers: Various

Class Sponsors

Club: Class Sponsors
Website: Class Sponsors Website
Sponsor: 9th: Gloria Chotos, 10th: Julianna Szilagyi, 11th: Alicia Bryant, 12th: TBA
Purpose: All fundraising and class meetings are to benefit the students of that respective class.
Requirements Students must be in grades 9-12 in order to participate in their respective class meetings and activities.
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: N/A
Major Activities: Homecoming Parade, Powder Puff Football, various grade-level challenges.
Fund Raisers: Valentine Grams, Graduation Grams, Spirit Links, carwashes.

Cyber Tigers

Sponsor: Ms. Sharon Lambert
Purpose: Enhance Technology Education
Requirements 2.0 GPA
Grade Levels: All Grades (9 - 12)
Dues: 25
Major Activities: Student projects - Skills USA
Fund Raisers: To be determined

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Tiffany Cannon
Purpose: Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization designed to help student-athletes grow spiritually and bring others to know Christ. F.C.A. is an interdenominational ministry that is Christ centered and Bible based. Students do not have to be athletes in order to participate in FCA.
Requirements Students must have a 2.0 GPA.
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: $2 school participation fee.
Major Activities: FCA sponsors Baccalaureate and also participates in various Homecoming activities. Guest speakers, Bible Study and general meetings take place every Wednesday during the first half of Power Hour.
Fund Raisers: In addition to bake sales, our organization relies upon the generous free-will support of others to underwrite the activities of our members on campus and in the community. Anyone interested in assisting our FCA's mission and ministry, please contact any member or Mrs. Curty directly.


Sponsor: Ms. Linda Molloy
Purpose: This organization provides students with the opportunity to apply their classroom instruction in business practices and procedures to leadership development activities and competitive event experiences. The purpose of the organization is to: "... provide, as an integral part of the instructional program, additional opportunities for secondary students (grades 7-12) in business educational to develop vocational and career supportive competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibility."
Requirements Enrolled or have taken business class in high school; Have a 2.0 GPA to be a member; Have a 2.5 GPA to be an officer and willing to participate. Additionally, members must pay District, State, and National Dues. Have a 2.0 gpa to be a member
Grade Levels: have a 2.5 gpa to be an officer and willing to participate
Dues: All Grades (9 - 12)
Major Activities: $2 school Participation Fee.
Fund Raisers: November 14: District Rally January 8-14: District Competition Testing January 23: District Performance Events February: District Awards Banquet March 19-22: State Leadership Conference July: National Leadership Conference


Sponsor: Mr. Austin Skipper
Purpose: To instill our members with leadership skills, teach them responsibility and vital skills for future career endeavors. FFA provides a hands-on experience in a variety of career fields through agricultural education and vocational training.
Requirements 2.0 GPA; Enrolled in an agriculture class current or prior year.
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: $25; Includes $2 Participation Fee.
Major Activities: Florida State Fair, Southeastern Youth Fair, State and National Convention, various contests, field trips, end-of-the-year Banquet.
Fund Raisers: Smoked turkey sales, chapter steer and hog sale at fair, car washes, beef jerky sale.


Club: HOSA
Website: HOSA Website
Sponsor: Melanie Martin
Purpose: Introduce students to leadership skills, community responsibility, environmental concerns, and to provide an overview of medical field careers and services. Upper levels include medical facility clinical rotations and will learn the skills required of a Certified Nursing Assistant. Clinical rotations for C N A Program at MRMC inability the student to take the State C N A test, which is optional.
Requirements Be in/were in/or will be in Medical Skills & Services, Health Science I, II, Allied Health Assisting III. Mandatory joining for Health Science II, Allied Health Assisting III and Directed Studies.
Grade Levels: All grades (9-12)
Dues: $45 for regular members, $68 for block Health Science II and Allied Health Assisting, $20.00 lab fee
Major Activities: School-wide blood drives (3-4 yrly), American Heart Association, Walk America for March of Dimes, nursing home visits, Hospital Visits, Tours of local medical facilities, Boys & Girls Clubs, Day of Caring, Pride Day, glasses for the Lions Club, host a needy family, volunteer to help at medical facilities, speakers, etc.
Fund Raisers: Coupons for Education, healthy foods snacks, off campus Donut sale, popcorn sales, jewelry sales, candles, Holiday Paper, T-Shirt/Sweatshirt sales, Sponsorship Program, promotional items and any new sale approved by the club.

Multicultural Club

Club: Multicultural Club
Website: Multicultural Club Website
Sponsor: Mrs. Janice Smith
Purpose: To promote multicultural awareness and acceptance through a common goal of community awareness.
Requirements Members must be students of Dunnellon High School.
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: $2.00 Participation Fee
Major Activities: Relay for Life, American Cancer Society Events, Caps for a Cure.
Fund Raisers: Bake sales and donations.


Sponsor: Ms. Morgan Luckey
Purpose: To promote the ideals of scholarship, character, leadership and service
Requirements 3.5 unweighted G.P.A., a clean discipline record, impeccable school attendance, a good attitude, and an invitation from the faculty
Grade Levels: 11th and 12th grades
Dues: $25 plus $2 school Participation Fee.
Major Activities: Power Hour tutoring, Tiger-to-Cub mentoring at Dunnellon Elementary School, Prom Closet.
Fund Raisers:

Spanish Club

Club: Spanish
Website: Spanish Website
Sponsor: Mrs. Daisy Torres
Purpose: 1) To build a community of Spanish-speakers at Dunnellon High School that will continue to promote the use of the language. 2) To promote the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking people. 3) To assist students at Dunnellon High School in the learning of the Spanish language. 3) To participate in activities within the surrounding communities that are related to the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking people. 4) To host events and activities that assist students to learn more about t
Requirements Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA, no student debts and no major discipline issues.
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: $2.00 Participation Fee
Major Activities: Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Recycling Project, Christmas "Parrandas", Dunnellon Christmas Parade, Color Guard and Band, Cinco de Mayo celebration, Participation in the DHS Talent Show, Cultural Field trip to Busch Gardens
Fund Raisers: Bake sales, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts sale.

Student Council

Website: STUDENT COUNCIL Website
Sponsor: Ms. Donna Ryman
Purpose: Student Council students are focused on giving the students of DHS a voice in their school government and cultivating ideas of service and proper leadership in our future citizens. Students also become a part of the appropriate grade level organization - Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class.
Requirements 2.0 for senators and 2.5 for officers, good discipline and attendance records, teacher recommendations and running for office
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: $2.00 Participation Fee
Major Activities: Homecoming Week, Homecoming Dance, Senior Awards Night and Underclassmen Awards Night.
Fund Raisers: Car washes, spirit items, activities, sponsorships


Club: TigerVision
Website: TigerVision Website
Sponsor: Mrs. J.R. Smith
Purpose: FSPA was founded in 1946. The Florida Scholastic Press Association represents more than 300 student publications, online media teams and broadcast programs throughout the state. The primary aim of our organization is to educate, train and support scholastic journalists and their advisors. Student Television News STN supports, promotes, and recognizes excellence in scholastic broadcasting, creative video and filmmaking, and media convergence.
Requirements Students should currently be enrolled in TV Production 1 or above.
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: $2.00 Participation Fee
Major Activities: Field Production, Broadcasting, News Anchor, Writing, and Leadership competitions.
Fund Raisers: A variety of fundraisers may be used to apply to club fees, district competition fees, and state competition fees and/or to buy equipment and Skills USA uniforms.


Website: YEARBOOK Website
Sponsor: Michael Lavery
Purpose: Students are responsible for every aspect of running the business. The yearlong curriculum begins in March and ends with a mid-February final deadline. Students start by developing a theme, and then continue by designing a cover, end sheets, layouts and modular designs. They set deadlines and meet them. They study the latest design trends and begin raising money by selling advertising and yearbooks and assisting with the organization of picture days.
Requirements Students wishing to be a part of the yearbook staff must contact adviser Julie Mancini for approval. Students who enjoy success in the class generally have at least a 2.0 grade point average and a good attendance record.
Grade Levels: All grade levels: 9-12
Dues: $2.00 Participation Fee
Major Activities: The students in yearbook make a commitment every year to finance their entire vision for the yearbook without the financial help of the school or the county. Through fundraisers the students raise nearly $40,000 each year, the amount it costs to publish the book and for any extras such as workshops, cameras and computers.
Fund Raisers: Ad sales, bake sales.

Drama Club

Website: DRAMA CLUB Website
Sponsor: Tyler Leeps
Purpose: Theatre and play production.
Requirements 2.0 GPA
Grade Levels: All Grades (9-12)
Dues: No dues.
Major Activities: Fall Showcase, Spring Show, District and State Drama Competition
Fund Raisers: