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    Sept. 21, 2020


    Dear Parents,


    Your child is beginning to learn how to add and subtract within 20 and demonstrate fluency within 10. I told the students what we are doing today, tomorrow and the rest of this week will forever help them in Math. I also have told students that they will need to know their math facts within 10 “lickity-split” (I snap my fingers quick). HA! :-) Generally, demonstrating fluency means within 3 seconds.

    Math home learning this week will be focused on students recalling basic facts within 10 quickly (within 3 seconds) without using fingers or other aids. Please help me in this effort by orally asking your child to recall the sum and differences in basic facts within 10. For example, in the car or in the store, ask your child to quickly recall what added to 6 makes 10 or what take away from 10 makes 3. When students can recall facts correctly in their mind, it is called “mental math”. In 1st grade, the expectation is that students can use mental math to correctly add/subtract within 10 as well as within 20. This week, we are focusing on within 10.

    At school, I am having students write the facts on index cards and then students will “flash study” with a partner. I also told the students they can come up to me anytime this week (or whenever they master this goal) and tell me all the ways to make 10 “lickity-split” (within 3 seconds). As an incentive, I will then give them 10 skittles or 10 pennies for achieving that goal.

    Thank you so much for all you do and for your support. If any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 671-7250 ext. 52531 or email me at Dawn.Anderson@marion.k12.fl.us



    Ms. Dawn Anderson

    First Grade teacher at Madison Street Academy

    M = Making Good Choices

    S = Show Respect

    A = Always Do Your Best

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