7th Grade Mathematics and 7th Grade Accelerated Mathematics

  • Hello and welcome to my home page.  Here you will find useful information to help you throughout the year.


    You're probably wondering what school supplies I'd like you to have.  Here they are:

    1. 2 Composition Notebooks 100 sheets college ruled

    2. Lots of Scotch clear tape, glue sticks, or bottled glue

    3. Pencils, pencils, and more pencils with erasers

    4. Scissors

    5. Colored pencils, optional

    6. High lighters

    7. TI 30x-a caculator


    Some of these items I have in my classroom, but we are trying to reduce the sharing of supplies.  Your student will be exposed to less germs if they have their own supplies. 


    If you can, please donate to some supplies I need: white copy paper, paper towels, tissue and any of the supplies mentioned above.


    I appreciate you all and I look forward to doing lots of math with your student.  My hope is that they will come home and amaze you with their math skills.





  • Please look here for new announcements in August, 2020.

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    7th Grade Regular Math

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    7th Grade Advanced Math

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