• Course Syllabus


    TextbookIntroduction to Health Science Technology- 2nd Edition, will be the assigned textbook for this course. Supplemental material from the textbook, other publications, handouts and worksheets will also be used. Students will not have a take-home textbook.  



    • 1 subject notebook (college rule) or duo-tang folder 
    • Notebook paper for folder- college rule preferred
    • Black or blue pens/ pencils
    • Highlighters- yellow or orange
    • Index cards (optional)


    Course Content: Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of and a reasonable proficiency in the following areas:

    • Promotion of Safety

    • Infection Control

    • History of Health Care

    • Medical Terminology

    • Preparing for the World of Work

    • Personal & Professional Qualities of a Health Care Worker

    • Wellness & Cultural Diversity

    • Medical Math v Basic Skills

    • Vitals Signs & First Aid


    Evaluation: Students will be graded as follows:

    • Homework                                       10%
    • Class Assignments & Quizzes        40%
    • Tests & Projects                               50%
    • End of Course Exam                       20%


    Homework Assignments: Most homework assignments are research-based and will require use of the internet. Such assignments may be submitted via student email.


    Classroom Expectations: Each student is responsible to:

    • Come to class on time everyday ready to learn
    • Have a positive “I can” attitude
    • Be prepared with the necessary supplies every class- binder/ folder, pen/pencils
    • Complete assignments in a timely manner
    • Ask questions and get extra help as needed
    • Stay on task
    • Maintain good organization of notes
    • Follow directions as they are given
    • Be respectful
    • participate! Participate! PARTICIPATE!