School Advisory Council

  • Our School Advisory Council assists in the preparation and evaluation of our School Improvement Plan and Annual Budget.


    A School Advisory Council is an elected committee made up of parents, staff, administrators, businesses, community members and students (in secondary schools) who work together to help a school improve. By state law, school boards must establish an advisory council for each school.


    The role of a School Advisory Council is to assist in the preparation of the annual budget, and in the development and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan. The SAC is the school committee that deals with issues relating to school improvement. The General Appropriations Act provides a portion of funds for use by the SAC that is to be used for implementing the School Improvement Plan. 


    SAC meets 4 times per year. All are welcome to join us for the meeting. However, only SAC members may vote.


    SAC Members

    Emily Castro (Chairperson) 
    Korea Reed (Co-Chairperson) 
    Elizabeth Francis (Secretary)
    Lisa Dreher (Principal)
    Kelly Ashberger & Dr. Nancy Soto (Assistant Principal)

    Stacy Canton (Parent)

    Fay Blake (Parent)

    Mary Borgen (Parent)

    Zach & Britta Ekstedt (Parent)

    Lindsey Griffin (Parent & Teacher)

    Cheryl Osbourne (Parent & Staff)

    Maribel Lopezver (Teacher) 

    Jessica Sistler (Teacher)


Contacting SAC