6th Grade Earth Science

  • What are we currently working on in class?

    Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition 

    How do rocks change over time?

    The Rock Cycle

    Three Main Types of Rocks and Minerals








    Mountain Building





    Plate Tectonics


    Plate Movement

    Divergent Plate Boundaries

    Convergent Plate Boundaries

    Transform Plate Boundaries


    Seafloor Spreading

    Harry Hess

    How does plate tectonics work?

    What are the plates?

    What are the types of plate movements?

    What do plate movements create?



    Mountain Building




    How the Theory Developed

    Evidence for the Theory


    Theory of Continental Drift

    Alfred Wegener






    Earth's Interior Layers

    Five Physical Layers-Lithosphere,Asthenoshere, Mesosphere,Outer Core, Inner Core

    Compositional Layers-Crust, Mantle, Core

    Radiation, Conduction, and Radiation

                        Energy/ Heat Transfer

                        Earth's Layers and Interior 



    Measurement- SI International System of Units

                             Metric Measuring of Lines, Mass, and Volume

                             Metric prefixes

    Error in Measurment-Why is it a big deal?

    Mean (Average), Mode, and Median


    Scientific Theories-Big Bang Theory , The Theory of Plate Tectonics, The Thoey of Continental Drift

    Scientific Laws-The Law of Gravity, The Laws of Motion, The Law of Conservation of Enerergy and Matter

    Steps of the Scientific Method: Ask a Question or State a Problem; Hypothesize and Predict, Test Your Hypothesis, Analyze Results, Draw Conclusions, Communicate Results


     What is science?  3 main branches of science  Descriptions,Explanations-- Inferences, Observations; Types of Data-Qualitative and Quantitative

    Types of Experiments or Investigations--Observational vs. Experimental