6th Grade Earth Science

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    What are we currently working on in class?

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    Plate Boundaries and Movement (Powerpoint)

    Plate Tectonics

    Plate Tectonic Powerpoint

    Pangaea Pieces

    Alfred Wegener


    Continental Drift Theory

    Evidence for Pangaea and Continental Drift Theory



    Radiation, Conduction, and Convection

    Density and Gravity

     Earth's Layers Powerpoint

    Earth's Compositional Layers-Crust Mantle Core

    Earth's Layers based on Physical Properties




    Outer Core

    Inner Core

     The following are topics in orange we will integrate throughout the school year

    2 Types of Experiments- Experimental and Observational/Investigations

    Experimental Experiments must have variables. Variables-independent, dependent, constants, and a control variable

    The International System of Units-Metric System, Measurement ,Length, Mass, and Volume;Metric Units Bases and Prefixes,Scientific Tools

    Scientific Method A.K.A. Scientific Inquiry

    Steps of the Scientific Method: Ask a Question or State a Problem; Hypothesize and Predict, Test Your Hypothesis, Analyze Results, Draw Conclusions, Communicate Results

     What is science?  3 main branches of science  Descriptions,Explanations-- Inferences, Observations; Types of Data-Qualitative and Quantitative

    Types of Experiments or Investigations--Observational vs. Experimental