• Biology/Biology Honors Syllabus 2017-2018

    This is a yearlong course. (August 10-May 24) 


    Instructor: Priscilla Randall

    Course Title:     Biology                                                                    Course No. 2000310

                             Biology Honors                                                         Course No. 2000320

    Telephone: 465-6745 ext. 58271                                                     E-mail: priscilla.randall@marion.k12.fl.us

    Office Hours:  M-W 11:55-12:55 (2nd half of Power Hour)               Room 307

                           Th-F 11:04-12:04   (2nd half of Power Hour)

    Text: Biology (Holt McDougal)                                     Author of Text: Stephen Nowicki

    Course Description:   This course includes the study of microorganisms, plants and animals, scientific methodology, cell biology, genetics, evolution, classification of living organisms, and ecological relationships. This course provides an opportunity for students to develop scientific process skills, laboratory techniques, and an understanding of the fundamental principles of living organisms. An end of course test (EOC) will be administered in May, which covers objectives for both semesters and is 30% of your grade.

    Objectives: Teach students practical scientific skills, which they can use to investigate, study and explain the world around them. Give students a deeper understanding of the how biology impacts their daily lives.  For each student to pass the Florida Biology EOC. 

    Attendance: Your attendance is required. Roll will be taken at each class. Excessive tardiness and/or absences will impact your grade. Students are expected to participate in all activities and actively engage and ask questions.

    Materials:  All students must come to class each day with the following materials,  1 1/2-inch 3 ring binder, EACH WEEK'S PACKET, pen (blue/black), 8 dividers, #2 pencils, folder with pockets, 2 dry erase markers, colored pencils

    Marion County Grading Scale:




    Major Assessments -60%


    Unit 1 Introduction to Biology, Nature of Science, Properties of Water, Macromolecules

    • Lab Report (100 pts)
    • Properties of water and macromolecule test (100 pts)
    • QSMA 1 - Unit 1 Test (100 pts) 

    Unit 2 Cell Structure and Function, Cell Division, Immune Response

    • Cell structure test (100 pts)
    • Cell membrane and transport test (100 pts)
    • Cell division test (100 pts) 
    • Cell Organelle Project (100 pts)

    Unit 3 Plants, Cellular Energy

    • Lab Report (100 pts) Photosynthesis
    • Plant Test (100 pts)
    • Cellular Energy Test - Photosynthesis and Respiration (100 pts) 

    QSMA #2 - Unit 1,2,3 (100 pts)


    Unit 4 Human Reproduction, Genetics,  and Meiosis

    • Human Reproduction Test (100 pts)
    • Punnett Square Test (100 pts)
    • Complex Inheritance Patterns Test (100 Pts)
    • Unit 4 Test (100 pts)
    • Genetic Disorders Project (100 pts)

    Unit 5 Molecular Genetics/DNA

    • DNA Test (100 pts)
    • DNA Model (100 pts)

    Unit 6 Evolution, Brain Classification and Taxonomy

    • Evolution test (100 pts) 
    • Classification and taxonomy test ( 100 pts) 
    • QSMA #3 (100 pts)

    Unit 7 Ecology

    • Nutrient cycles test (100 pts)
    • Food web project (100 pts)
    • Unit 7 Test (100 pts)

    State EOC Study Guide (100 pts)


    Minor Assessments - 40% 

    • Classwork/Informal Labs:  Each unit includes activities and practice to help master the content.  These assignments are worth 5 points.
    • Bell Work:  At the start of each day students will complete the bell work assignment over content covered during the previous class day(s).
    • Study guides: Students complete the questions for each test to help them review the material and prepare for unit tests. Every study guide is worth 5 points. Students who make A's on two tests in a row are exempt from completing study guides.
    • Listening. You will be graded on a scale of 1-5.
    • Quizzes

    If you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain any assignments you missed while you were gone. Check the folders (by day) at the front of the room for the handout or assignment. You may also check my website, look under ASSIGNMENTS or CALENDAR for the day's assignment. All assignments may be made up without penalty until the day of the unit test.   Missed tests are made up in class upon the day of your return to class. If you are absent during a lab you must make special arrangements to come in during Power Hour to make up the lab or get and alternative assignment.

    Extra Help: Power Hour Instructional Focus-this is a great time for small group help. I am available during second half of power hour. I am also available before and after school. Zeros on assignments will require you to attend extra help sessions during power hour.

    Students are allowed to correct and reesubmit assignments for full credit prior to the unit test.  Be sure to watch the time as corrected work may not be re-graded after the unit test has been administered. 

    Bonus Points Unused bathroom passes may be used for bonus points at the end of the 9 weeks.

    Semester Weighting of Grades

    Semester Average = 45% (1st 9 weeks) + 45% (2nd semester work) + 10% Semester Exam

    Year Weighting of Grades

    Course Average = 35% (1st semester work) + 35%  (2nd semester work) + 30% Biology EOC

    Cheating/ Plagiarism

    Cheating on a test or assignment will result in a grade of zero for all involved. Data for lab reports must be taken by all lab group members during lab. Copying of lab data after lab is not allowed. Each student is responsible for individual lab reports unless specifically stated by teacher.

    Classroom Expectations - Students are expected to

    1. Be present and active members of the classroom each and every day.

    2. Be in your assigned seat.
    3. Be responsible for your learning by being prepared with all necessary materials.

    4.  NOT have visible electronic devices. Not charge cell phones during class. 

    5. Be respectful of the teacher, the classroom, their peers and themselves.                                                                                                                                                                       
    6. Bring UNIT PACKET to class.

    Class Discipline

    Students not meeting class expectations will earn one of the following consequences:

    • Warning in class
    • Removal from class activity and parent contact
    • Teacher/Student conference during or after class and parent contact
    • Power Hour Detention and parent contact
    • Written referral and removal from class and parent contact

    Lab Safety 

    Students are expected to act in a responsible and safe manner at all time. Don't touch stuff when you enter the classroom. Please follow both written and verbal instructions. Eating and drinking are not allowed in class. All food and drink items should either be placed in your book bag are thrown away. Horseplaying is never allowed. Keep your hands and other objects to yourself. Clean up after yourself. If you break something please tell me so it can be replaced. If you choose to break the rules you will not be allowed to complete the lab and you will earn 0 points.

    Lab Safety Contract

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