Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts

  • To the left of this page, you will see links for our Current & Past Assignments pages.


    Please be sure to click on and review your correct class.  We will be using these listings every school day.  You will find information about our daily lessons along with links to any sites and handouts that we will be using for that class period.  ALERT! Look at the bottom of the viewed list.  You may have to click "See All" to get to more assignments.


    If you are absent, you are expected to review these listings on your own before returning to class.  The 8th grade textbook, HMH’s Florida Collection will be available online.  We have a class set available in school as well.  Students who cannot access the internet outside of school may make special arrangements to check out a textbook.


    All students will be participating in quarterly Outside Reading and will need to maintain the set number of pages per quarter.  Class time will be provided, on occasion, however students will need to read and track their success outside of school as well.


    It is important that students not fall behind.  If you miss a day of school, check the website.  I expect you to visit me during homeroom, or before class begins, on the day you return to school.  Notes and materials will also be posted on the Current Assignments and Past Assignments page for you to print out.

    REMEMBER, the computer lab & computers in the Media Center are all available BEFORE HOMEROOM begins.  Use them!


  • Kapono-Nelson's Academic PROGRESS REPORT will be sent home this week.  Please sign and return

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