1. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each period.
    2. Late students will sign the tardy log. They must include date and time of arrival.
    3. Students who need to go to the bathroom must ask the teacher for permission, sign the bathroom log and use the bathroom pass which must be returned to its place of origin.
    4. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, he/she will be considered skipping.
    5. All assignments are due at the beginning of each class period.
    6. When returning from an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to get copies of the class notes from another student and to see the teacher to acquire any missed assignments. Students must also check the teacher’s website which is updated regularly for late assignments, retakes, and make up procedures.
    7. No violations to the Dress Code will be allowed. The student will be referred to Student Services for consequences.
    8. Once the bell rings, we will begin our daily routine: Bell Work, Q & A’s based on the class work and/or homework from the previous class, and Essential Question/Will do/Daily Agenda
    9. Any student who misses a test will be able to make it up within a specified time frame during Power Hour only. Please see course syllabus for procedures.
    10. Any student caught cheating will receive a “0” for that assignment, quiz, or test and will get detention.
    11. Students will not be permitted to leave during the first and last ten minutes of class.
    12. The teacher dismisses the class not the bell.
    13. Cell phones and other wireless devices may be in the possession of students but cannot be visible or active during class. Violators of this rule will have such device mentioned confiscated.
    14. The students must turn off their cellphones and turn them in to the teacher during testing. Usage of cellphones during testing will result in confiscation of the device and a “0”.
    15. The unauthorized recording and/or photographing in the classroom (including “selfies”) is prohibited.
    16. All textbooks and workbooks stay in the classroom (no exceptions)


     1st offense – If the student is using a cellphone or texting in the classroom, the device will be confiscated. The device will be returned to the student at the end of the class. The student will also get detention. Recurrence of this violation will result in a referral. Any other 1st time violation to classroom rules – verbal contact.

    2nd offense – Detention

    3rd offense – Call Parents

    4th offense – Referral to Student Services


    Non- negotiables

    1. Any profanity will result in an immediate referral
    2. Any fighting or hitting will result in an immediate referral
    3. Any vandalism will result in an immediate referral
    4. Any gross insubordination will result in an immediate referral
    5. Skipping class will result in an immediate referral



Last Modified on August 23, 2015