English through ESOL I - IV

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    Course Description

    The purpose of this course is to enable students who are native speakers of languages other than English to develop proficient listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the English language.  Emphasis will be on acquisition of integrated English communication skills in a wide range of content and activities using texts of high complexity to ensure college and career preparation and readiness.  The content of this course will include active reading of varied texts to draw explicit and logical inferences, analysis of literature and informational texts from varied literary periods to examine text craft and structure, elements of literature, arguments and claims supported by textual evidence, power and impact of language, influence of history, culture, and setting on language and personal critical and aesthetic response.  The course will also include writing for varied purposes, effective listening, speaking and viewing strategies with emphasis on the use of evidence to support or refute a claim in multimedia presentations, class discussions, and extended text discussions.  Students will participate in collaboration with peers.

    Overall Grading:



    Assessments include integration of the modes of communication.  Unit assessments are announced several day in advance.  Students should visit with their teacher during Power Hour prior to an exam if they need extra help.  It is imperative that students read and reflect on the feedback provided by the teacher, as it is there to help improve language proficiency and avoid the same errors on future assignments.  Absent students will have no more than 10 days to make up a test unless special arrangements are made with the teacher.  Make up tests are different than the original ones.  It is the student's responsibility to comply with these requirements.  Failure to do so will result in a "0".  Students will have the opportunity to retake any test in which they get a failing score without penalty.  The student will be able to retake the test on a previously arranged date that will not exceed the 10 days timeline.  After 10 days, the original grade will prevail.  Each test is worth 100 points.



    Timeliness of assignments is crucial. Grades are lowered one letter grade for each day an assignment is submitted late. Assignments are worth 100 points. 



    Classwork will usually be graded for EFFORT.  However, in some instances they might be assigned for a grade at my discretion, in which case it will be graded for accuracy and completion.


    Frequent. Most are announced in advance. 100 points


    Students are responsible for maintaining a 3-ring binder to organize bellwork, assignments, classwork, notes, corrected quizzes, practice exams, vocabulary, rubrics, and writing; 100 points per quarter.


    Literature Component

    Students will read a minimum of 5 literary resources (short stories, novels, etc) in English. Some of these resources will be read in the classroom, others will be assigned to read at home. They will be assessed for reading comprehension, critical thinking and literary elements in different manners: oral presentations, special projects, tests, quizzes, essays etc. They will have the opportunity to compare the written material with the movie version, if it is available.

    Class Participation

    Based on exclusive use of English. Speaking the language increases fluidity and accuracy. 100 points every 9 weeks (minimum)
    News Report: Each student is responsible for reading and briefly summarizing orally the content of two of the following: news article, editorial, letter to the editor, and/or TV news broadcast every 9 weeks from a current, authentic source that will be provided. 100 points per report.


    Throughout the course, students write a variety of essays (i.e. synthesis, persuasive, expository) based on authentic audio, visual, and reading resources, such as documentaries, T.V. news, interviews, newspapers, magazines articles, etc.; Students will also watch at least one movie on their own time and write an essay based on a specific prompt given. The essays are worth 100 points and are scored using a rubric previously discussed.



    Grades will be calculated in the following manner:

    Reading 25%

    Writing 25%

    Speaking 25%

    Listening 25%


    (1) 1 1/2" three rings binder
    1 set of 8 binder dividers
    1 set of headphones
    1 English/Native Language - Native Language/English  Dictionary (preferably)
    2 pack college rule paper - to stay in the classroom
    1 ream of copy paper - to stay in the classroom
    5 red ink pens - to stay in the classroom
    Pens -  (all assessments must be answered in pen (blue or black) except for multiple choice questions.


    HMH Collections for grades 9, 10, 11, 12

    Additional Resources




    Newspaper/Magazine Articles


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