Capítulo 1 Tú y yo

¿Qué factores motivan a los escritores a crear sus obras literarias?


Tarea para Hispanohablantes

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  • Purpose of the Course

    This course is designed for students for whom Spanish is a native or heritage language. It provides students the opportunity to expand the existing proficiency and to develop their reading and writing skills. Orthography, diacritics and vocabulary development are stressed. Emphasis will be placed on usage appropriate to academic and professional settings.

    Our courses focus on the development of the five languages competences: speaking, writing, reading, listening and cultural competency. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to improve strategic speaking, reading, and writing skills, to master grammar points of particular concern to Native and Heritage speakers, and to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Hispanics cultures and sociopolitical realities. The course also aims to strengthen student’s sociolinguistic awareness, metalinguistic competence and critical thinking skills.

    • Will provide the students with opportunities to talk about topics that are meaningful to them.
    • It will include meaningful culture lessons.
    • It will connect and reinforce other core subjects- for example Science/the weather; Math/calendar, time currency; Social Studies/countries, culture; Language Arts/reading and writing skills and the use of authentic stories.
    • Encourage the students to use their native language and maximize their ability to read and write in their native Spanish language.