• Environmental Science Materials List


    • Composition notebook
    • Folder with pockets
    • Pencils and pens
    • 1 highlighter
    • Index Cards



    • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
    • Glue stick
    • Scissors


    Teacher needs: (please do not feel obligated!) Thank you!

    • Tissues
    • Hand sanitizer
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  • 11/11-11/15

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 11/10/2019 2:10:00 AM

    Monday: Read section 11.3 (pgs. 368-374), and answer questions 1-3 on pg 374.

    Tuesday: Geology and Mineral Resources vocabulary (look up in textbook): 

    Renewable resource

    Nonrenewable resource

    Mountain top removal

    Open-pit mining 

    Strip mining 

    Subsurface mining 

    Surface mining 

    Active solar heating system 

    Passive solar heating system 


    Nuclear fission 


    Nuclear waste 

    Photovoltaic cell 

    Wind turbine

    Wednesday/Thursday: Go to library to watch two videos on mining, filing in guided notes (guided notes--click here) (YouTube links are below); Complete analysis assignment on cell phones and mining (click here)


    Friday: Complete Mining Research activity (click here)

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  • 11/4-11/8

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 11/2/2019 3:15:00 AM

    Monday: Give out study guides--DUE FRIDAY! (click here)

    Field trip tomorrow! 

    Tuesday: Read section 10.4 in the textbook (334-347) and answer questions 1-6 on pg 347 on your own paper (turn in by the end of the period!)

    Wednesday/Thursday: Water Conservation Research assignment (click here)

    Friday: Test on Food, Soil, Agriculture & Water Resources and Pollution 


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  • 10/28-11/1

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 10/26/2019 5:15:00 AM

    Monday: Water Resources and Pollution vocab (click here); Water Resources and Pollution notes (click here) slides 4-5, 7-10, 15-16, 18-20, 22-24, 31-33

    Tuesday: Finish Water Resources and Pollution notes and vocab

    Wednesday (early release): Water Filtration Lab pre-questions 

    Thursday: Water Filtration Lab and post-questions (click here)

    Friday: Pesticides/Biodiversity Loss article (click here) and text-based questions (click here)

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  • 10/21-10/25

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 10/19/2019 3:10:00 AM

    Monday: Agricultural Sustainability vocab (click here); Agricultural Sustainability Notes part 1 (click here--slides 32-33, 35-36)

    Tuesday: Article and text-based questions on sustainable pesticide (article-click here) (questions-click here)

    Wednesday/Thursday: Agricultural Sustainability notes part 2 (slides 16-19, 21-27, 39); Sustainable farming ad assignment (click here

    Friday: Finish notes and vocab from this week and make sure assignments from this week are turned in! 

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  • 10/14-10/18

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 10/14/2019 2:15:00 AM


    Monday: NO SCHOOL 

    Tuesday/Wednesday: Food Security and Production vocab (click here); Answer the following in your notebooks according to section 9.1 in the textbook (pgs 277-280): 

    Identify the main causes of food security


    Discuss the consequences of food insecurity on human health


    Explore ways to improve food security; 


    *Food Security demonstration and questions 



    Thursday/Friday: Make-up 

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  • 10/7-10/11

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 10/4/2019 3:20:00 AM

    There will be a test, notebook check, and study guide homework due on Friday. If you are not here, you will have a zero for all three right before report cards are finalized, so it is very important that you show up that day! 

    Monday: Finish water cycle flashcards; Review water cycle processes and glue water cycle image into notebooks (click here); Water cycle movement lab

    Unit 3 study guide (click here)

    Tuesday: Water cycle human impact notes/review (click here); Read Fracking article (click here) and complete note-taking guide (click here); Answer text-dependent questions on the article (click here)

    Wednesday/Thursday: Nitrogen cycle flashcards (click here); Nitrogen cycle worksheet (click here); Review game

    Friday: Unit 3 Test; Notebooks and study guides due 

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  • 9/30-10/4

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 9/29/2019 2:10:00 AM

    Monday: Give field trip information (click here); Add two flashcards to carbon cycle terms (click here); Finish carbon cycle foldable (click here); Carbon cycle review sheet 

    Tuesday: Finsih carbon cycle review sheet 

    Wednesday/Thursday: "Dinosaur breath" carbon lab 

    Friday: Water cycle vocabulary (click here)

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  • 9/23-9/27

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 9/22/2019 5:00:00 AM


    Monday: Energy Transfer Lab 

    Tuesday: Carbon Cycle Vocab (click here); Carbon Cycle Foldable 

    Wednesday: (HALF DAY): Finish Carbon Cycle Foldable 

    Thursday: Carbon Lab--Dinosaur Breath 

    Friday: Carbon Cycle Review sheet 

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  • 9/16-9/20

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 9/15/2019 4:10:00 AM


    Monday: Sustainability Project Presentations

    Tuesday: Sustainability Quiz 

    Wednesday/Thursday: Vocabulary (click here); 3D Energy Pyramid (click here)

    FridayBell ringer: What do you think is the difference between a food web and a food chain? Draw an example of each; 

    Review—where does a producer get energy? What about consumers? Why does only 10% of energy “moved on” to each trophic level?;

    Food web and food chain practice sheet (get from me if absent) 


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  • 9/9-9/13

    Posted by Ashley Banta on 9/8/2019 2:00:00 AM

    Monday: Finish book notes pgs 17-37

    Tuesday: Begin working on Sustainability Project (click here

    Wednesday/Thursday: Continue working on Sustainability Projects 

    Friday: Begin Sustainability Project Presentations 


    *Sustainability Quiz will be next week 

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