• Vocabulary 8

    listless (adj.):  tired, sluggish  (list less)

    fickle (adj.):  indecisive, erratic (pickle and nickel)

    cordial (adj.):  friendly, gracious, polite  (cord Jill)

    somber (adj.):  dark, gloomy   (sombrero)

    daunted/dismayed (adj.):  disheartened, discouraged    (dawn Ted/this May)

    stymie  (verb):  block; hamper   (Stymie)

    concede  (verb):  admit reluctantly (corn seed)

    obstinate  (adj.):  stubborn, inflexible  (Hobb’s ten-eight)

    magnanimous  (adj.): generous, forgiving  (my Nanny Moose)

    tantamount  (adj.):  equal, comparable  (Tonto mount)


    Vocabulary 7

    appease (verb): to calm, to put at ease  (peas)

    petulance (noun):  grouchiness  (pet chew Lance)

    atrophy (verb): waste, wither, shrivel     (a trophy)

    incessant (adj.):  continuous, endless (in says ant)

    solemn (adj.):  serious, grave   (sell 'em)

    banal  (adj.):  boring  (ban Al)

    effervescence (noun):  liveliness, bubbliness  (ever pheasants)

    celerity (noun): speed  (celery)

    reticent (adj.):  quiet, uncommunicative  (redder cent)

    jubilant (adj.):  joyful  (gerbil ant)


    Vocabulary 6

    surreptitious (adj.):  secret, furtive  (syrup tissues)

    wanton   (adj.):  excessive, uncontrolled  (wonton)

    audacious  (adj.):  daring, brave  (all day shhh’s)

    archaic (adj.):  old-fashioned, old  (our cake)

    unkempt  (adj.):  messy, sloppy  (encamped, in a camp)

    pervade  (verb):  to spread to every part  (parade)

    baleful  (adj.):  dangerous, harmful  (bale full)

    minute  (adj.):  small, tiny, diminutive  (my newt)

    garbled (adj.):  scrambled, muddled  (gargled)

    trepidation (noun):  fear  (trap a dachshund)


    Vocabulary 5

    obtuse (adj.): lacking sharpness;  unintelligent  (Hobb’s two’s)

    concur (verb): to agree  (can curl)

    irreverent (adj.): disrespectful, rude    (ear Reverend)

    composure (noun): calmness, self-control  (Camp Pozer)

    fledgling (noun): beginner, amateur    (fresh wings)

    ludicrous (adj.): absurd, ridiculous  (Lou to cross)

    antiquated (adj.): outdated, old  (Auntie Katie)

    capitulate (verb): surrender, yield  (capital late)

    elated (adj.): overjoyed, very happy (eel ate Ted)

    deplore (verb): criticize, disapprove (deep lure)


    Vocabulary 4

    incredulous (adj.): skeptical, unbelieving, doubtful  (ink red, you lose)

    infallible (adj.): unerring, unfailing   (in fall a bell)

    hyperbole (noun): extreme exaggeration    (Hyper Bowl)

    caustic (adj.): acidic, biting, scathing, sarcastic  (caw stick)

    altruistic (adj.): unselfish, caring      (Al True’s Wish Stick)

    enigma (noun) mystery, puzzle    (an egg, Ma)

    copious (adj.): many, numerous, plentiful    (copy us)

    discerning (adj.): perceptive, insightful, shrewd  (this urn Ning)

    eradicate (verb): eliminate, exterminate (a rat, a crate)

    rotund (adj.): round (rotund without the "t")


     Vocabulary 3

    adamant (adj): determined (Adam Ant)

    contend (verb): to argue, struggle, vie (can't end)

    furtive (adj): secretive (fur tip)

    heinous (adj): evil (hang us)

    ingenuous (adj): inexperienced (ingenious)

    loath (adj): reluctant, unwilling (load)

    loathe (verb): hate, despise (H-A-T-E)

    pompous (adj): snobby (pom poms)

    terse (adj): brief, of few words ('tsers)

    volatile (adj): explosive (volley tile)



    Vocabulary 2

    fervor (noun):  enthusiasm, passion   (fever, forever)

    meander (verb):  wander, roam, stroll   (me and her)

    jaunty (adj.):  lively, perky, sprightly    (“jointy”)

    scrutinize (verb):  examine, inspect   (screwed-in eyes)

    sublime (adj.):  excellent, magnificent  (sub lime)

    affable  (adj.):    friendly, easygoing  (a fable)

    potent  (adj.):    powerful  (patent)

    wax (verb):  grow, increase  (ball of wax/moon phases)

    wane (verb):  shrink, decrease  (Wayne)

    castigate (verb):  scold, punish  (curse the gate)


    Vocabulary 1

    capricious (adj.):  unpredictable (cap riches)

    lugubrious (adj.):  sad, mournful (Lou Goober’s)

    meticulous (adj.):  extremely careful, thorough (me ticklish)

    benevolent (adj.): kind, generous (Ben Elephant)

    loquacious (adj.):  talkative (low gray shoes)

    exuberant (adj.):  joyous  (ex-zoo bear aunt)

    prodigious (adj.):  very large, massive  (pro dishes)

    frugal (adj.):  careful with money, thrifty  (few gulls)

    disperse (verb):  spread around, scatter  (this purse)

    tenacious (adj.):  persistent, determined  (tennis shoes)