• Vocabulary 3

    jaunty (adj.): lively, perky [“jointy”]

    lethargic (adj.): tired, sluggish, drowsy [leather chick]

    loathe (verb): to hate [loaf/(H-A-T-E)]

    loath (adj.): reluctant, unwilling [load]

    haphazard (adj.): without plan or direction [hop Hazel]

    eccentric (adj.): odd, unusual [accent Rick]

    malign (verb): vilify, slander, badmouth [Mal lying]

    daunted (adj.): disheartened, discouraged, dismayed [dawn Ted]

    culpable (adj.): guilty, blameworthy [‘gulpable’]

    revere (verb): greatly respect [Revere]


    Vocabulary 2 [These are words from The Giver and SAT/ACT words.] 

    augment (verb):   make larger, increase   [Aug. Mint]

    tentative (adj.):  not fully developed or planned, provisional   [tend to give]

    exuberant (adj.):  uncontrollably joyous   [ex-zoo bear aunt]

    assuage (verb):  relieve, ease  [as wage]

    languish (verb):  weaken, waste away  [Lang wish]

    impede (verb):  get in the way, hinder  [I’m Pete]

    skeptic (noun):  disbeliever, doubter  [skip tick]

    indolent (adj.):  lazy, sluggish  [Indy lint]

    meager (adj.):  small in size or amount, weak, measly  [Me grrr]

    obsolete (adj.):  no longer usable or wanted, outdated  [Hobb so late]


    Vocabulary 1 [These are words from The Giver and SAT/ACT words.] 

    apprehension (noun): nervousness, fear [Aubrey Hen’s son] 

    resolve (noun): determination, strong will [re-solve] 

    nurture (verb): provide care and support, nourish; train or educate [nurse chair] 

    chastise (verb): scold, punish [chase ties] 

    petulance(noun): grouchiness [pet chew Lance] 

    benign (adj.): gentle, kind-hearted; mild [be nine] 

    ominous (adj.):  showing a sign of bad things to come [Oh, my noose] 

    solemn (adj.):  serious, frank, earnest, grave [sell ‘em] 

    scrupulous (adj.): honest, honorable, ethical [scoop you loose] 

    meticulous (adj.): thorough, extremely careful about details [me ticklish]