Vocabulary 3

    adamant (adj): determined (Adam Ant)

    contend (verb): to argue, struggle, vie (can't end)

    furtive (adj): secretive (fur tip)

    heinous (adj): evil (hang us)

    ingenuous (adj): inexperienced (ingenious)

    loath (adj): reluctant, unwilling (load)

    loathe (verb): hate, despise (H-A-T-E)

    pompous (adj): snobby (pom poms)

    terse (adj): brief, of few words ('tsers)

    volatile (adj): explosive (volley tile)



    Vocabulary 2

    fervor (noun):  enthusiasm, passion   (fever, forever)

    meander (verb):  wander, roam, stroll   (me and her)

    jaunty (adj.):  lively, perky, sprightly    (“jointy”)

    scrutinize (verb):  examine, inspect   (screwed-in eyes)

    sublime (adj.):  excellent, magnificent  (sub lime)

    affable  (adj.):    friendly, easygoing  (a fable)

    potent  (adj.):    powerful  (patent)

    wax (verb):  grow, increase  (ball of wax/moon phases)

    wane (verb):  shrink, decrease  (Wayne)

    castigate (verb):  scold, punish  (curse the gate)


    Vocabulary 1

    capricious (adj.):  unpredictable (cap riches)

    lugubrious (adj.):  sad, mournful (Lou Goober’s)

    meticulous (adj.):  extremely careful, thorough (me ticklish)

    benevolent (adj.): kind, generous (Ben Elephant)

    loquacious (adj.):  talkative (low gray shoes)

    exuberant (adj.):  joyous  (ex-zoo bear aunt)

    prodigious (adj.):  very large, massive  (pro dishes)

    frugal (adj.):  careful with money, thrifty  (few gulls)

    disperse (verb):  spread around, scatter  (this purse)

    tenacious (adj.):  persistent, determined  (tennis shoes)