• Vocabulary 6

    complacent (adj.): unconcerned, self-satisfied (come play, cent)

    vacuous (adj.): empty, purposeless (vacuum us)

    torpid (adj.): sluggish, lacking enthusiasm (torpedo)

    mundane (adj.): boring, ordinary, commonplace (Monday)

    juncture (noun): point in time, crucial moment (junk chair)

    rampant (adj.): unrestrained, widespread (ramp ant)

    insolent (adj.): rude, disrespectful (insulin)

    cryptic (adj.): mysterious, secret (crypt tack)

    skeptic (noun): doubter, disbeliever (skip tick)

    jocular (adj.): joking, witty (Dracula)


    Vocabulary 5

    imminent (adj.): forthcoming, happening soon (in a minute)

    mollify (verb): calm, soothe (Molly Fly)

    vilify (verb): defame, attack someone's reputation (village fly)

    garner (verb): collect, gather, accumulate (gardener)

    precarious (adj.): risky, uncertain (please carry us)

    zealot (noun): fanatic, enthusiast  (sell it)

    lofty (adj.): grand, noble, majestic   (loft tea)

    convivial (adj.): friendly, social (can Vivian; carnival)

    diverse (adj.): different, various (dye furs)

    converge (verb): come together, mingle (can merge)


    Vocabulary 4

    morose (adj.): depressed (more oats)

    pretentious (adj.): conceited, showy (pretend shoes)

    conundrum (noun): riddle, mystery (cone and drums)

    inane (adj.): silly, insignificant (insane without "S")

    proximity (noun): nearness, closeness (approximate & vicinity)

    disclose (verb): reveal, make known (this close)

    sonorous (adj.): loud, booming (son of Russ)

    antagonistic (adj.): opposing, hostile (ant tag on his stick)

    vacillate (verb): change mind, waffle (vessel late)

    erratic (adj.): unpredictable, inconsistent (ear attic)



    Vocabulary 3

    unprecedented (adj.): the first of its kind, not been done (un-presidented)

    profuse (adj.): in large amounts or quantities (Prof. Fuse)

    disdain (noun): a feeling of scorn or disrespect (this stain)

    auspicious (adj.): favorable, promising (our space shoes)

    reprimand (verb): to criticize or disapprove of (Rep. Raymond)

    heed (verb): notice, pay attention to (he'd)

    brevity (noun): briefness, shortness (Bravo Tea)

    lament (verb): express sorrow, complain (lamb mint)

    beguile (verb): to cheat or deceive...through charm (beg awhile)

    exacerbate (verb): to aggravate, to make worse (eggs as bait)



    Vocabulary 2

    adroit (adjective): skillful with use of hands or with dealing with a problem (android)

    daunted (adjective): discouraged, disheartened (dawn Ted)

    quell (verb): to calm  (queen and quill)

    intractable (adjective): stubborn, immovable in-track table (bull)

    acrimony (noun): words or behavior filled anger or bitterness (with acre money)

    prudent (adjective): wise, shrewd, cautious (prune dent)

    stagnant (adjective): lifeless, dull (stage ant)

    misconstrue (verb): misunderstand, misinterpret (Miss Kahn's two)

    fastidious (adjective): difficult to please, picky (fast hideous)

    irresolute (adjective): indecisive, unsure (ear razor loot)



    Vocabulary 1

    incorrigible (adjective):  impossible to correct or control (in car itch a bull)

    genial (adjective): friendly, gracious, kind (Genie Al)

    aloof (adjective): detached, indifferent (a roof)

    disparage (verb): to belittle, to put down (this asparagus)

    malice (noun): hostility, hatred (Mal ice)

    ominous (adjective): showing a sign of bad things to come (Oh, my noose; "omen")

    chastise (verb): scold, punish (chase ties)

    doleful (adjective): extremely sad (doll full)

    elusive (adjective): hard to catch or understand (eel loses it)

    seclusion (noun): separation from other people, isolation (sick Lucien)