• Vocabulary 2

    adroit (adj.):  skillful  [android]

    discourse (noun):  conversation  [this course]

    quell (verb):  to calm (to appease)  [queen and quill]

    intractable (adj.):  stubborn, immovable  [in-track table/in-track a bull]

    acrimony (noun):  words or behavior filled with anger or bitterness  [acre money]

    prudent (adj.):  wise, shrewd, cautious  [prune dent]

    stagnant (adj.):  lifeless, dull  [stage ant]

    misconstrue (verb):  misunderstand, misinterpret   [Miss Kahn's two]

    fastidious (adj.):  difficult to please, picky  [fast hideous]

    irresolute (adj.):  indecisive, unsure  [ear razor loot]


    Vocabulary 1

    incorrigible (adj.): impossible to correct or control (in car itch a bull)

    genial (adj.): friendly, gracious, kind (Genie Al)

    aloof (adj.): detached, indifferent (a roof)

    disparage (verb):  to belittle, to put down  (this asparagus)

    malice (noun): hostility, hatred  (Mal ice)

    ominous  (adj.): showing a sign of bad things to come  (Oh, my noose)

    chastise  (verb): scold, punish  (chase ties)

    doleful  (adj.): extremely sad  (doll full)

    elusive  (adj.): hard to catch or understand  (eel loses it)

    seclusion (noun): isolated, separation from others (sick Lucien)