• Biography of a Superhero Poster Project

    You will choose a comic book superhero and create a biographical poster about him/her.  You must use at least two sources and cite those sources in a Bibliography using MLA format. 

    Follow the following format:

    • TITLE: include superhero’s name
    • PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Physical description of superhero and known superpowers…one to three paragraphs
    • ORIGIN: Origin of this superhero’s powers…one to three paragraphs
    • DAILY LIFE: Summary of the superhero’s daily life…where does he/she live, description of alter-ego, occupation, relationships…one to three paragraphs
    • SUPER-CONNECTION: Summary of the superhero’s connection to other superheroes…one to three paragraphs
    • THREAT: Summary of superhero’s main threat/villain/archenemy…you may include two if necessary…one to three paragraphs

     You must also include at least five visuals – include a one-sentence caption under each visual that explains the visual.

     Be prepared to make a three- to five-minute formal presentation.  Do not read word for word – use index cards if needed.  Utilize your visuals on your poster as you present.   


     _____/10          FOCUSED: include a clear title

     _____/10          ORGANIZED: Five subheadings are used to guide reader

     _____/50          DETAILED: Under each subheading, specific, relevant details are used to fully explain

     _____/10          Visually appealing

     _____/10          Minimal errors in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar

     _____/10          Bibliography using MLA format is attached to BACK of poster

     _____/100        Total


     _____/25          Two to three minutes in length

     _____/25          Organize your ideas so you do not ramble…use note cards if needed (practice beforehand)

     _____/25          Use eye contact – do not read word for word (practice beforehand)

     _____/25          Project your voice and use enthusiasm (practice beforehand)

     _____/100        Total