• Career Brochure Assignment

    • You will research a career of your choice and create an informational brochure. You may use any computer program you like, or you may cut and paste information onto a brochure.  As long as it is thoroughly and neatly completed, you will do well.
    • When you create the brochure, you must organize it by “flaps” using title and subtitles to guide the reader.
      • First/front flap: appropriate title, a visual, your name, and a teaser (a phrase or sentence that makes people interested in reading the brochure)
      • Second/inside flap: a subtitle, a paragraph and one visual with a caption (one complete sentence explaining visual) – write a paragraph explaining why you chose this career and if this project changed your mind or not about the career, and why or why not
      • Inside flaps (third, fourth, and fifth flaps) must include:
        • Job Description/Duties/Responsibilities: Write a summary (one to two paragraphs for this, not a bulleted list).
        • Personal Characteristics/Qualifications/Skills Needed: What do you need to be good at and happy with this job (personable, patience, physically fit, etc.) What personal values does this career provide that are important to you? (security, having fun, status, helping others, challenging, etc.)
        • Education/Training Needed: What type of education or training would you need during and after high school? List possible colleges/schools where you may receive degree/training.
        • Work Setting: How many hours would you generally work and when (shifts, weekdays, weekends)? What would your work environment be? Location?  Would you travel?
        • Salary: List lowest salary to highest salary and why it varies (location, experience, education, etc.).
        • Benefits: In general, what are the benefits for this job (paid vacations, sick days, holidays, insurance, company car, cell phone, childcare, etc.)?
        • Include two to three visuals that represent the information – each visual should have a caption (one complete sentence explaining visual)
      • Sixth/back flap: explain Future Outlook:  What is the job market like for this job?  Is the field increasing or decreasing and why?  Is there room for advancement/promotions?  ALSO, include Bibliography/Works Cited here.
    • You may use paragraphs and/or bulleted lists.
    • You will receive a grade for presenting it to class. You must use eye contact, and your voice must be loud and clear with appropriate expression.  Be prepared to explain your career in two to three minutes.  Hit the highlights – do not read word for word from brochure.  You will place brochure on DOC CAMERA.
    • You must use at least one source so you must include a Bibliography. Include this information on the Back/Sixth Flap.

    Rubric for Brochure:

    _____/20              Brochure is organized using title and subtitles to guide reader

    _____/15              Minimal errors in capitalization/punctuation/grammar

    _____/50              Relevant details are used to describe the career (see information above)

    _____/15              Neatness/visual appeal

    _____/100            Total                                                                                      -15 No Bibliography

    Presentation Rubric (put brochure under doc camera)

    _____/20               Two to three minutes (you will lose points if it’s too long or too short)

    _____/20              Prepare at home (you may use note cards) so that there is clear organization

    _____/20              Use eye contact – don’t read word for word and utilize brochure (refer and point to it)

    _____/20              Use voice projection and enunciation – practice so that you are loud enough and clear enough

    _____/20              Voice inflection: practice so that your voice has appropriate tone…enthusiastic, serious, etc.

    _____/100            Total