• “We Didn’t Start the Fire” Slide Show Assignment Sheet

    • You will research information about a topic from the song to create a PowerPoint/Slide Show.
    • DO NOT PLAGIARIZE – this will result in a 0
    • You are summarizing the topic by explaining what/who the topic is/was and what impact the topic had/has on the world.
    • Note: Wikipedia should not be your first stop to locate information.

    Slide #1: Title/Name/VisualSlide

    Slides #2-8: Use subtitles/Bulleted summaries (approximately six per slide)/Visuals 

    Slide #9: Bibliography Using MLA Format (include date accessed for Internet) 

    Slide #10: Closing

    • Include visuals that fit in with the information
    • Each slide should have a heading – capitalization counts
    • USE bullets NOT paragraphs
    • Use a larger font size – 24 pt. and above
    • Do not try to cram too much information on one slide – approximately six bullets is a good rule
    • Animations/Transitions are great, but you can have too much of a good thing

    Be prepared to make a three- to four-minute formal presentation. The slide show should not replace the speaker. Do not read word for word. 


    _____/10         Title slide

    _____/10         Headings are used on each slide to guide reader

    _____/50         Relevant details fully explain using bulleted lists (approximately six bullets per slide)

    _____/10         Slide show is visually appealing and professional-looking

    _____/10         Minimal errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar

    _____/10         Bibliography using MLA format is included – include DATE ACCESSED for Internet entries

    _____/100       Total


    _____/25         You provide more details than what is on your slide show (practice beforehand)

    _____/25         Organize your ideas so you do not ramble…use note cards if needed (practice beforehand)

    _____/25         Use eye contact – do not read word for word (practice beforehand)

    _____/25         Project your voice and use enthusiasm (practice beforehand)

    _____/100       Total