• Characterization of a Famous Person Poster Assignment Sheet

    characterization:  the techniques writers use to create and develop characters

    • what character says/what others say about character
    • what character thinks/what others think about character
    • what character feels/what others feel about character
    • what character does – actions, profession, hobbies, etc.

    Assignment: You will create an informational poster characterizing a famous person.

    1. Choose a famous person (dead or alive). Choose four character traits that this person possesses/ed. 
    2. For each character trait, write one paragraph (seven to ten sentences) using specific details and supporting examples.
    3. Locate and/or create a visual to represent each of the four character traits.
    4. Include a background information box to explain why this person is famous and when this person reached fame. Place a picture of the famous person near this box.
    5. Organize your poster so that it is easy to follow and visually appealing.
    6. Title your poster using famous person’s full name.
    7. Write your full heading on the back of your poster (date is the day you turn it in).
    8. You will present your poster in class. Please refer to the Presentation Rubric for more details.


    This is a research project so you will use at least two sources.  When gathering your information you must take notes:

    • summarize/paraphrase: record/restate the material in your own words

    Plagiarism is using the words or expressions of ideas of another person as your own; it is a violation of copyright laws.  Avoid plagiarism:  use your own words in your writing and present ideas in fresh ways.  NOTE: If you are cutting and pasting from a website…you are plagiarizing! 

    Bibliography/Works Cited:

    You need to use two or more sources.  Cite your sources using a Bibliography that follows correct MLA 8 format, and it should be attached to the back of your poster. 

    The most difficult part of creating a Bibliography is making sure you follow the format and that you have the correct information needed of the resource you used.  The most basic entry for a website consists of the author name(s), page title, website title, sponsoring institution/publisher, date published, medium.  See example:

    Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. “Emmitt Smith.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 11 May 2018, www.britannica.com/biography/Emmitt-Smith.

    I strongly recommend using a Bibliography-making website.  You may go on with your parent to create an account and get a login.  Or you may use the site to create your Bibliography entry/ies and cut & paste them onto a Word document.  If you are not going to use a Bibliography-making website, then you need to follow the Bibliography guidelines I give you.

    Characterization of a Famous Person Poster Rubric

    ____/10  Four character traits are used

    ____/40  For each trait, a detailed paragraph used to explain characterization

    ____/20  Background information about and picture of famous person included

    ____/10  At least one visual is used to represent each trait

    ____/10  Poster is visually appealing: neat, organized, and creative

    ____/10  Title with famous person’s full name is included

    ____/100  Total  (-15 if no Bibliography/Works Cited is included)


    Presentation Rubric:

    ____/20  Three to four minutes (you will lose points if it’s too long or too short)

    ____/20  Prepare at home (use note cards) so that there is clear organization

    ____/20  Make eye contact – look up at your audience

    ____/20  Use voice projection and enunciation (be loud enough & pronounce words clearly)

    ____/20  Voice inflection -- your voice has appropriate tone: enthusiastic, serious, humorous...

    ____/100  Total