• College/University Brochure Assignment

    • You will research a college/university of your choice and create an informational brochure. You may use any computer program you like, or you may cut and paste information onto a brochure.  As long as it is thoroughly and neatly completed, you will do well.
    • I suggest you email and/or call the school. I will show you how to create an MLA Bibliography entry for these.
    • DO NOT plagiarize. Copying website or any other information put out by the college is plagiarism.  You must summarize/paraphrase the information.
    • When you create the brochure, you must organize it by “flaps” using title and subtitles to guide the reader.
      • First/front flap: appropriate title, a visual, your name, and a teaser (a phrase or sentence that makes people interested in reading the brochure)
      • Second/inside flap: a subtitle, a paragraph and one visual with a caption (one complete sentence explaining visual) – write a paragraph about why you chose this school and if this project changed your mind or not, and why or why not
      • Inside flaps (third, fourth, and fifth flaps) must include:
        • admission requirements (also include information about whether or not they accept AP/IB/AICE credits; Is SAT or ACT preferred?)
        • educational offerings
        • campus life (housing, clubs, etc.)
        • information about location
        • athletics
        • student population
        • cost
        • scholarship/financial aid
        • two to three visuals that represent the information – each visual should have a caption (one complete sentence explaining visual)
      • Sixth/back flap: school’s address and website
    • You may use paragraphs and/or bulleted lists. PLEASE capitalize titles/subtitles correctly!!

    Rubric for Brochure:

    _____/20          Minimal errors in capitalization/punctuation/grammar – pay close attention to titles/subtitles

    _____/20          Brochure is organized using quality title and subtitles to guide reader

    _____/40          Relevant details are used to describe the college/university

    _____/20          Neatness/visual appeal – should be professional-looking/visuals must have captions

    _____/100        Total

    • You will receive a grade for presenting it to class using the doc camera to show your brochure. You must use eye contact, and your voice must be loud and clear with appropriate expression.  Be prepared to fully explain your school in three to four minutes.  
    • You must use at least one source so you must include a Bibliography. Turn this in separately with a heading.
    • Lay-out of flat brochure – if you type it and print it, then you will fold it. However, you may choose to create it by hand and cut and paste information onto it.