• Disaster Slide Show Assignment Sheet

    • You will research information about a disaster to create a PowerPoint/Slide Show. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!
    • You are summarizing the topic by explaining when, where, who, what, why & how. Your slide show must provide enough details to give an overall summary of the disaster.
    • Organize the slide show at follows:
      • TITLE SLIDE: title/your name (you may be creative with this slide)
        • When? Bulleted summary/one to two slides
        • Where? Bulleted summary/include map/one to two slides
        • Who? Bulleted summary/one to two slides
        • What Happened? Bulleted summary/two to three slides
        • Why Did It Happen? Bulleted summary/two to three slides
        • How Did It Impact the World? Bulleted summary/two to three slides
      • BIBLIOGRAPHY: use MLA format (one slide)
      • CLOSING: one slide to end presentation…you may have fun with this slide
    • Include visuals that fit in with the information on most of your slides (at least six)
    • Each slide should have a subtitle – capitalization counts (do not use ALL CAPS)
    • USE bullets NOT paragraphs
    • Use a larger font size – 24 and above
    • Do not try to cram too much information on one slide – three to six bullets is a good rule
    • Animations are great, but you can have too much of a good thing

    Be prepared to make a three- to five-minute presentation.  The slide show should not replace the speaker; do not read word for word (you may use index cards).

    Slide Show Rubric:

    _____/10          Focused on describing one disaster…clear title

    _____/10          Organized by utilizing subtitles/subheadings to guide reader

    _____/50          Detailed – provides relevant details (refer to assignment sheet) utilizing bullets

    _____/10          Includes at least six visuals

    _____/10          Well-written – no/few mistakes in spelling/punctuation/capitalization/grammar usage

    _____/10          Neatly completed and visually appealing

    _____/100        Total                (- 15 if no Bibliography/Works Cited/-7 if not in MLA Format)


    _____/20          Three to five minutes (practice beforehand)

    _____/20          You provide more details than what is on your slide show (practice beforehand)

    _____/20          Organize your ideas so you do not ramble…use note cards if needed (practice beforehand)

    _____/20          Use eye contact – do not read word for word (practice beforehand)

    _____/20          Project your voice and use inflection so you are not monotone (practice beforehand)

    _____/100        Total