Anatomy Q1 Assignments

  • Aug. 12:  First day procedures; About me handout; Anatomical terminology list (Quiz 8/21/19); label terms on human outline 

    Aug. 13:  Turn in outline & about me; go over Student Code of Conduct & BHS rules; Class Procedures Scavenger hunt

    Aug. 14:  finish going over Class Procedures; quiz partner on anatomical terminology; start developing cell phone policy

    Aug. 15 & 16:  finish developing cell phone policy; discuss HOSA; start Safety Training

    Aug. 19:  Finish Safety training; turn in Safety Contract; take Safety Quiz

    Aug. 20:  Begin Anatomy Basics; get Cavities, Regions & Quadrants diagram

    Aug. 21:  Quiz - Anatomical Terms ; go over Cavities, Regions & Quadrants diagrams; continue Anatomy Basics

    Aug. 22 & 23:  Homework:  Due Monday, P. 36, Case Study Questions #1-3; P. 37, Review Questions # 1-7; P. 37, Critical Thinking, pick one from # 2-6; Scientific Method Lab; Lab Directions; Use the following data to complete your lab write-up 

    • Female Winner:  Thumb circumference: 6 cm; Thumb length: 7.2 cm; Wrist Circumference: 16 cm
    • Male Winner:  Thumb circumference: 6.5 cm; Thumb length: 7 cm; Wrist Circumference: 17 cm

    Averages:  Female:Thumb circumference: 5.683cm; Thumb length: 5.994 cm; Wrist Circumference:15.283 cm; Male:  Thumb circumference: 6.8 cm; Thumb length: 8 cm; Wrist Circumference: 16.8 cm

    Aug. 26:  Turn in Homework; turn in Thumb Wrestling lab; go over body system parts & functions; Macromolecule Graphic Organizer - fill in using Ch. 4

    Aug. 27:  Go over Macromolecule Graphic Organizer;  Answer questions on Enzymes

    Aug. 28:  Get Cell Diagram / Organelle Chart - due Tuesday 9/3; finish Enzyme questions (absent students - get from a classmate)

    Aug. 29 & 30:  Cancer Research Questions assigned; "Toothpickase" Lab

    Sept. 2: No school - Labor Day

    Sept. 3 & 4:  School Cancelled - Hurricane Dorian

    Sept. 5 & 6:  turn in & grade Toothpickase Lab; go over Cell Diagram & Organelle Chart; 

    • Read pgs. 138-143
    • Answer the following;

    1.What is matrix?

    2.For each of the 4 main tissue types, provide a description of the structure and function and at least 2 examples.

    3.What is ECM? (what it stands for & what it is)

    4.What are some of the common components of ECM?

    Sept. 9:  Begin Setting up Tissue Lab

    Sept. 10:  finish setting up Tissue Lab; begin drawings & filling in Locations & functions

    Sept. 11:  Tissue Lab

    Sept. 12 & 13:  Test - Anatomy Basics, Chemistry, Cells; Tissue Lab

    Sept. 16:  Tissue Lab

    Sept. 17:  Tissue Lab

    Sept. 18:  Tissue Lab

    Sept. 19 & 20:  Tissue Lab

    Sept. 23:  Tissue Lab due; grade Tissue Labs; Tissue Chart - due tomorrow

    Sept. 24:  Tissue Chart due; Integumentary System Study Guide; Skin Diagram & Membrane chart - due block day; Integumentary Intro. notes

    Sept. 25:  Early Release Day - finish Integumentary Intro. Notes

    Sept. 26 & 27:  Skin Diagram & Membrane Chart due; Integumentary System Lab; Integumentary System Quiz will be Wed. 10/2

    Sept. 30:  Finish Integumentary System Lab; begin 2nd part of Integ. Notes

    Oct. 1:  Finish Skin Layer Notes; Skin Homework - 1.Read pages 200-201 in the Anthony’s text book. ; 2.Read pages 189-191 in the Anthony’s text book.  Name the factors that determine skin color, and describe the function of melanin.; 3.Read page 202 in the Anthony’s text book.  Explain the importance of the “rule of palms” and“rule of nines”. ; Read page 203 in the Anthony’s text book . Differentiate first-, second-, and third-degree burns.; 5.Summarize the characteristics of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma.

    Oct. 2:  go over Skin Homework - Integumentary System Quiz

    Oct. 3 & 4:  Study Guide - Skeletal System; Bone Tissue & Long Bone Diagrams; Begin Bone Tissue Notes; hmwk. p. 232 - Review, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, Critical Thinking, 2, 4

    Oct. 7:  homework p. 232 due; get axial skeleton diagrams; continue Bone Tissue Notes

    Oct. 8:  color code axial & appendicular skeletons on diagrams; continue Bone Tissue Notes; have skull diagrams labeled for tomorrow

    Oct. 9:  assign Skeleton Project; go over skull diagrams; continue Bone Tissue Notes