Anatomy Q1 Assignments

  • Aug. 13:  Classroom Quest

    Aug. 14:  Go over school rules; Complete the Classroom Quest; fill-out info cards

    Aug. 15:  Go over Syllabus; assign homework - print out these Anatomical Terms; bring to class on Monday; quiz 8/23; 8/24; Define Anatom & Physiology; discuss relationship

    Aug. 16 & 17:  Get Anatomy Basics study guide; go over levels of organization; make chart for Organ Systems & their parts and functions; Cavity labeling  label 25 terms handout (today's PPT)

    Aug. 20:  Body System Bellringer; go over body cavities; read & take notes on Homeostasis, do Venn diagram for Positive / Negative Feedback; Cavity labeling / 25 terms due Tuesday

    Aug. 21:  Cavity labeling / 25 terms due; Go over homeostasis; Begin Safety Training

    Aug. 22:  Finish Safety Training; Safety Quiz

    Aug. 23 & 24:  Anatomical Term Quiz; Finish Safety Quiz; Go over Scientific Method; Scientific Method Worksheet

     Aug. 27:  Get Study Guide - Cells; Cell Diagram / Organelle Chart - due Tues; assign Cancer Research Questions - due Friday; Cell Lab on Thurs. / Fri. - must wear closed toe shoes; Anatomy Basics / Cell Test - Tues. 9/4/18

    Aug. 28:  SAFETY CONTRACTS DUE; Go over then turn in Organelle Chart / Cell Diagram; work on Cancer Research Quesitons

    Aug. 29:  Set up Cell Lab; work on Cancer Research Questions

    Aug. 30 & 31:  Cell Lab; work on Cancer Research Questions; study for Tuesday's test on Anatomy Basics & Cells

    Sept. 3:  Labor Day - No School

    Sept. 4:  Test - Anatomy Basics & Cells; Tissue Study Guide & Chart; Define Tissue Vocab. & fill-in Chart, due next class

    Sept. 5:  Turn in Vocab & Tissue Chart; Set up Tissue Lab

    Sept. 6 & 7:  finish setting up Tissue Lab; begin Tissue Lab

    Sept. 10 - 12:  Tissue Lab - due Monday 9/17/18

    Sept. 13 & 14:  Integumentary Study Guide; Integumentary System Intro Notes; Skin Diagram & Membrane chart - due Monday

    Sept. 17:  turn in Skin Diagram & Membrane Chart; Grade Tissue Labs; go over Skin Diagram & Membrane Chart; homework - read pgs. 180-188, take notes on layers of skin

    Sept. 18:  Begin Skin Notes; Begin Skin Work - brochure due Mon. 9/24

    Sept. 19:  continue Skin Notes, turn in 1st 2 parts of Skin Work

    Sept. 20 & 21:  Integumentary System Lab

    Sept. 24:  Skin Cancer / Burn brochure due; finish & turn in Integumentary Skin Lab; review for tomorrow's Skin Quiz

    Sept. 25:  Skin Quiz; draw & label long bone; copy table of bone markings; Skeletal System Study Guide; read pgs. 209-219 (stop at Cartilage), Answer Review Questions p. 232, # 1-6, due block day

    Sept. 26:  Early Release / Academy Day

    Sept. 27 & 28:  Glisson out; Review Questions 1-6 due; label Skeletal System diagrams, color code Axial and appendicular skeleton on all diagrams  

    Oct. 1:  Begin Skeletal System Notes

    Oct. 2:  Go over atnerior & posterior skeleton diagram; bone markings sort

    Oct. 3:  Assign Skeleton project; finish Skeletal System Notes  

    Oct. 4 & 5:  Skeleton Project work day

    Oct. 8:  go over skull & coxal bone diagrams; work on skeleton

    Oct. 8:  go over arm & leg bone diagrams; work on skeleton

    Oct. 10:  go over carpal & tarsal bones Video to learn carpalsvideo to learn tarsals

    Oct. 11 & 12:  Skeleton project work day