Anatomy Q1 Assignments

  • Aug. 10:  Go over first day policies and procedures

    Aug. 11:  Finish going over policies and procedures; Begin Intro to Anatomy Lesson; Homework (due Mon.) Print out Anatomical Terminology

    Aug. 14:  Continue Intro to Anatomy Lesson (go over atoms - organism); finish Cavities and Terms worksheet for homework

    Aug. 15:  Organ System Graphic Organizer (see Intro to Anatomy Lesson)

    Aug. 16:  Go over Anatomical Terminology & Directional Terms - quiz next class; Finish Organ System Graphic Organizer; Homeostasis Work (on Intro to Anatomy Lesson)

    Aug. 17 & 18:  Homeostasis writing (Using just your homeostasis work, anwer the following:  How does the body maintain homeostasis.  You must include the following terms - homeostasis, receptor, control center, effector, negative feedback mechanism, positive feedback mechanism); Quiz - Anatomical Terminology; Cavity Membranes Worksheet; Create an Organ System Match Game

    Aug. 21:  Go over Cavity Membranes; Begin Safety Training; Get Safety Contract

    Aug. 22:  Finish Safety Training; Organ Match Game

    Aug. 23:  Review Scientific Method (read through this PPT, don't worry about links); Scientific Method Worksheet - answer on your own paper; Macromolecule Graphic Organizer - use this link to fill in the boxes Anatomy Book Ch2 - go to Ch.2, Biochemistry, Organic Compounds  

    Aug. 24 & 25:  Organ match game; Finish & go over Macromolecule Graphic Organizer; set up Toothpickase Lab

    Anatomy Basics / Chemistry Test will be Aug. 31 / Sept. 1

     Aug. 28:  Anatomy Basics Study Guide; Chemistry Study Guide; Toothpickase Lab (due Tues.)

    Aug. 29:  Enzyme Activity

    Aug. 30:  Early Release Day - Soft Skills Activities

    Aug. 31 & Sept. 1:  Anatomy Basics / Chemistry Test; Cell Study Guide; Cell Diagram

    Sept. 5:   Go over Cell Diagrams; Organelle Chart

    Sept. 6:  Go over Organelle Chart; Transport Chart

    Sept. 7:  Cancer Bellringer Questions

    Sept. 8, 11-15:  School Cancelled due to Hurricane Irma

    Sept. 18:  Tissue Worksheet (yes, some questions are skipped)

    Sept. 19:  Grade Anatomy Basics / Chemistry Test and Toothpickase Lab; Tissue Worksheet

    Sept. 20:  Grade Enzyme Activity; Tissue Worksheet

    Sept. 21 & 22:  Cell Lab; work on Tissue Worksheet

    Sept. 25:  Begin setting up Tissue Lab (click here for PPT directions); Tissue Worksheet due tomorrow

    Sept. 26:  Finish setting up Tissue Lab; finish & turn in Tissue Worksheet

    Sept. 27:  Academy Day Activities

    Sept. 28 & 29 - Oct. 10:  Tissue Lab

    Oct. 4 & 5:  Get Tissues Study Guide

    Oct. 11:  Skin Work; Skin Diagram / Membrane Chart; Use Ch. 4 of this page to do your work

    Oct. 12 & 13:   grade Tissue Labs; finish & turn in Skin work;  Go over Membrane / Skin Diagram