• Advanced Math Homework Assignments are listed by the date given.  All work is expected to be completed for homework on that date and returned to class the next day.

    IF there is an extenuating circumstance please bring a written note from home, otherwise, points will be deducted.

    Txbk- Is in reference to the pages in the consumable Textbook.

    OL- Is in reference to the homework being issued online.

    CW- Class Work done in class

    LC- Left Column Problems only

    HW- Homework to be done at the posted date; due the next day

    TEST-CW: TEST for that date; HW: Study for the upcoming TEST

    To access the online resources and homework assignments, the student can go onto their desktop and look for e-textbooks.  They find their subject and click on that book.

    This will allow them to use their textbook electronically in order to access electronic resources such as instructional videos, practice problems with a coach, and vocabulary support

    Thank you for your support!  Please check it out...the online resources are GREAT!



    Aug 13, 14- CW:  Rules and procedures

    Aug 15- CW: Skills Assessment

    Aug 16, 17- CW: Txbk pages 104-109 HW: Txbk p 110, Left Column problems only

    Aug 22-24- CW: i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment for the District