• Homework for Regular Math classes will be listed on this assignment page by the week.

    The date that is listed is the date in which the homework was given.  It is expected that the homework be completed and checked off the next day.

    If there is an extenuating circumstance, please provide a written note, otherwise, the work will be counted late and points will be deducted.

    CW: Classwork - Done in Class on that date

    HW: Homework- Assigned by the posted date; due the next day

    QUIZ: Posted as CW for Quiz on that Day; or STUDY for upcoming Quiz as HW

    TEST:  Posted as CW for Test on that Day; or STUDY for the upcoming Test as HW


    Aug- 13, 14- Rules and Procedures

    Aug 15- CW: Skills Assessment

    Aug 16, 17 CW: Hundred Board Patterns and Activity

    Aug 20, 21: CW: Adding and Subtracting Decimals; HW: Decimal Worksheet 1 & 2

    Aug 22-24- CW: i-Ready Assessment for the District

    Aug 27 & 28- CW: Multiply Decimals; HW: Multiply Decimals Worksheet

    Aug 29- CW: Dividing Whole Numbers; HW: Dividing Whole Numbers WkSh

    Aug 30 & 31- CW: Store Activity with using play money to "buy" toys; HW: none

    Sept 4- CW: Review Store Activity; HW: Make up work

    Sept 5- CW: Review Store Activity and Divide with Decimals; HW: Decimal Worksheet 4

    Sept 6- & 7 CW: Review Decimal Operations & take Decimal Operations Test; HW: none

    Sept 10- CW: Do a Test Reflections on Decimal Operations; HW: WkSh 2.1: 1-10 GCF

    Sept 11-14: HW:  HOMEWORK # 1; Quiz on Block day over their HW on Greatest Common Factor and Long Division

    Sept 17-21: HW: HOMEWORK # 2; Quiz on Block day over their HW on Least Common Multiple

    Sept 24-28: HW: HOMEWORK #3, Quiz on Block day for LCM

    Oct 1-5: HW: HOMEWORK #4; Quiz ON Block Day for Multiplying Fractions

    Oct 8-12: HW: HOMEWORK #5: Quiz on Block Day for Dividing Fractions