Early College Biology Course Information

  • Course Goals:   

    This is an introductory biology course, which covers basic biological concepts concentrating on selected principles that help explain molecular biology, evolution, genetics, growth, organisms and disease. It is designed to stimulate interest in the variety of life that exists on our planet, help students recognize the factors that provide order, and involves students in the processes of inquiry, observation, and analysis of biological organization in order to give students a foundation for intelligently interpreting and evaluating biological topics.


    All Early College students will need to use Canvas on the CF portal for access to assignments and quizzes.



    I look forward to a GREAT year with everyone! 


    I will post a Google Classroom code for each period here to make sure all students have access to the course in Canvas. 

    Go to your student MCPS desktop and click the Google Classroom icon and click the + button at the top right and click the JOIN button and enter the code below for your class period.


    Period 2 code: (online)- email instructor if you need assistance

    Period 3 code: (on campus)- email instructor if you need assistance