Miss. Y. Johnson 5th / 4th Grade ELA

  •  Language Arts 5th / 4th Grade Syllabus

     Ms. Yvette Johnson


    Greetings, I am Yvette Johnson.  

    I will be teaching your child 5th / 4th grade Language Arts.  Good reading comprehension is of high importance to the Language Arts Discipline.  We will be improving reading skills and provide practice questions on different skills.  This class also covers all the Benchmarks prescribed by the standards.

    Grade Weights:

    • Homework 5%
    • Quizzes 40 %
    • Class work 30%
    • Test / Projects 40%


    Class Rules: 

    • Respect others with positive words and actions.
    • Respect all school property and materials.
    • Come to school and class on time daily.
    • Work quietly and do not disturb others.
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Raise your hand to speak.



    1.  Verbal Warning
    2.  Call Parent
    3.  Referral to Discipline

    Positives:  Positive Notes Home, Treats, and Panther Bucks


    • Colored pencils             
    • index cards
    • Highlighter            
    • loose leaf paper
    • Red pen                
    • box of tissues
    • Crayons                
    • candy treats
    • Duo tang folders        
    • pencils (#2)
    • Composition notebook                 
    • subject tablet


     Picture of teacher of apple



  • My 5th graders are reading a read aloud called "The United Tates of America." One of the characters in novel, collects items that have smiling faces on them. We are striving to collect 100 items that are different that have smiling faces. Some of the items collected so far are: stickers, plastic bracelets, and lots of stickers, and a small pillow.

    We greatly appreciate any support that we can recieve with our goal to support our community. We will be collecting the items until the end of October.

    We thank you in advance for your support!

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