• 6th grade:

    Hello everyone.  Your assignment for this week is to read your e-textbook pgs. 10-14 and then answer the Collaborative Discussion question using at least 5 cited examples of what happens to our brains when we're scared.  In the meantime, read a book that you're interested in, but it must be age appropriate, and every Friday, I'll be asking you for a summary of what you've read that week.  The Collaborative Discussion anwers (citing 5 examples from the article) will be due on Monday, April 6th.  I will be putting the class codes on Google Classroom so you will be able to contact me with questions during my office hours.  In addition, if you have any questions or problems in the meantime, you can always e-mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Stay well!


    P.S. - Please let me know if you are not able to access the e-textbook or Google Classroom and I'll see if I can help you out with that.


    8th grade:

    Hello all.  I have been setting up my classrooms on Google Classroom but I've been having a difficult time figuring the whole this out.  I might go with Zoom instead.  Is there anyone who can't access the e-textbook, or figure out how to get into Zoom?  Until I set up Google Classroom or Zoom, you can always e-mail me with any questions or concerns through my e-mail.