Welcome to AP Biology (also IB HL Juniors)

  • This is a college level course.  Last May, my classes had an 84% pass rate on the AP Biology test.  It takes work, study time, attention to detail, and lots of hands-on reinforcement but you can receive college credit for this class.  Depending on your score and the college you attend, you can receive up to 8 credits for this course.

    You will complete 30 to 40 hours of lab work including gel electrophoresis and PCR like you see Abby do on NCIS.  Many students have sent me emails after attending college classes and reported that they were well prepared for further science classes due to the skills learned in the labs.  Other reinforcement activities include charades, acting out concepts, chalk drawings, dry erase board drawings, model building, and more.

    All documents, copies of class notes, assignments, and additional resources will be provided on my google classroom page.  If parents would like guardian access, please send me an email letting me know to invite you.  Students will gain access during the first week of school.

    Remind for AP Biology group class code @68eef4

    Note - I do not use Remind on a regular basis

    I do use Google Classroom often.  I will be posting podcasts and other videos to watch, assigments and more on Google classroom.  To access Google classroom you must log in using your student email and network access like you do when you are on a school computer.  If you do not have the google code for my class, email me and I will send it to you.  I can also send a parent invite if there are any parents that would like to have access to Google classroom.  I know these next several weeks will be challenging for all.  Stick with it and you can still earn college credit for this course.  I will send details through Mastering Bio and Google classroom as I recieve them.


AP Biology Syllabus

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.