• Welcome to standard level IB biology.  This is a one year college level course.  Students will take the IB SL test in May 2018 for college credit and points towards the IB diploma.


    The pass rate on the IB SL test in May 2017 was 90%.  You can all be successful in this course. (We did not have an SL course last year.)


    I believe in hands on learning.  Be prepared to participate in all kinds of crazy activities to facilitate long term learning such as: pictionary, chalk drawings, simulations inside and out, model building, charades, and lots of lab work.  There is a 40 hour lab work requirement for IB SL biology.  We typically complete around 50 hours of lab work.


    I absolutely love biology and I hope that you will come to appreciate if not love it also.

    Please read the attached syllabus for important information like tardy policy, makeup work policy, and late work policy.

    Respiratory system experiment in standard level biology using vernier probes.