• Welcome back seniors.

     The HL Bio pass rate for the IB test in May 2018 was 88% and in 2019 was 77%.  I am hoping you can beat that. 

    We have one more year together. This year we have another 35 or more hours of lab work including the IA lab.  I am looking forward to your successes this school year.

    All documents, calendars, copies of class notes, assignments, and additional resources will be on my Microsoft Teams website.  There is a tutorial posted on the MCPS homepage or you can search for videos on Youtube.  If you have a cell phone, please get the Teams app.  I will devote one whole block period to training students on Teams during the first week of school.  For online classes, video meetings will be held through Teams.


IB HL syllabus for seniors

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.