Weekly Schedule

  • On this page, you will have access to all of the information that we will cover in class on a weekly basis.  Below is the schedule the week

    Quarter 1 Week 1

    8/13-- Rules and Expectations of the course


    8/15--Combining Liked Terms



    Week 2

    8/20-- Review on combining liked terms and distributive property

    8/21--Review on the distributive propert and combining liked terms

    8/22-- Solving 1-Step equations

    8/23--CSMA Testing

    8/24--CSMA Testing

    Week 3

    8/27-- Solving 2 Step Equations

    8/28-- Multi-Step Equations

    8/29--Equations with variables on both sides

    8/30--Chapter 2.1-2.4 review


    Week 4

    9/4/18-- 2 Step Equation Word Problems

    9/5/18-- Proportions

    Week 5

    9/10/18-- Introduction to Inequalities

    9/11/18-- Solving multi-Step inequalities

    9/12/18-- Solving multi-step inequalities

    Week 6

    9/17/18-- Review on multi-step inequalities

    9/18/18--Intro to compound inequalities

    9/19/18--Compound Inequalities

    9/20/18--Quiz on Compound Inequalities

    9/21/18--Quiz on Compound Inequalities

    Week 7

    9/24/18--Introductions to Functions

    9/25/18-- Rate of Change

    9/26/18--Cane Olympics

    9/27/18-- Slope Formula

    Week 8

    10/1/18-- Slope Intercept Form/Finding the slope of 2 points

    10/2/18-- Graphing a linear equation

    10/3/18--Graphing a linear function

    10/4/18--QSMA Testing

    10/5/18--QSMA Testing

    Week 9

    10/8/18-- Graphing an equation in slope/intercept form

    10/9/18-- Writing the equation of a line in slope intercept form

    Quarter 2

    Week 1

    10/16/18-- Review on all of Quarter 1 Material


    Week 3

    10/29/18-- Systems of Equations by Substitution

    10/30/18-- Systems of Equations by Substitution

    10/31/18--Systems of Equations by Substitution

    Week 4

    11/5/18-- Systems of Equations by Elimination

    11/6/18 --Systems of Equations by Elimination

    11/7/18--Systems of Equations by Elimination

    11/8/18--Systems of Equations by Elimination

    11/9/18 --Systems of Equations by Elimination


    Week 5

    11/12/18-- Systems of Equation Word Problems