Weekly Schedule

  • On this page, you will have access to all of the information that we will cover in class on a weekly basis.  Below is the schedule the week

    Quarter 2 Week 1

    10/15/19-- Graphing Linear Equations


    Quarter 2 Week 2

    10/21/19-- X and Y Intercepts

    10/22/19--Linear Equation Word Problems

    10/23/19--Linear Equation Word Problems


    Quarter 2 Week 4

    11/4/19--Systems of Equations Substitution Method

    11/5/19--Systems of Equations Substitution Method

    11/6/19--Systems of Equations Elimination Method

    11/7/19--Systems of Equations Elimination Method


    Quarter 2 Week 6

    11/18/19-- Graphing Linear Inequalities