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    Compound Subject/Compound verb(predicate)


    Multiple Meaning Homophones

    Cause and Effect

    Common vs Proper

    Possessive Nouns

    Poetry Practice

    Irregular Verbs

    Jack Prelutsky


    Text Structure Practice

    Welcome back to school!  I hope your child has been reading over the summer! As we head into the new year, I want to stress reading for at least 20 minutes each day.  Make a goal with your child this year....AR points/ MYON books/ raise your i-REady data.

    GREAT JOB ON YOU "Book in the Box" Reports!  I am so proud of your efforts! 

    Spelling Words (5th grade words to know): listen, difference, colonists, settlement, receive, their, there, known, sincerely, fascinating

    VOCABULARY WORDS 11/4 - 11/15

    chronological - adj.

    chronically - adv.

    chronicle - n.

    chronograph - n.

    temporary - adj.

    contemporary - adj.

    location - n.

    local -adj.

    allocate - v.

    dislocate - v. 

    Week of 11/11- 11/15

    Monday -i-Ready/Text Structures/Assessment/Informational Essay/Read 20  minutes

    Tuesday - Read 20 minutes/i-Ready/Text Structures/DEMAND WRITING/DARE (Robbins HR)

    Wednesday - Read 20 minutes/Text Structures/Informational essay/Ctrs

    Thursday - Read 20 minutes/DARE (Brown HR)/Text Structures/Ctrs/spelling test

    Friday - Vocab Test/DEAR/POV/Informational Essay