• Hello Students and Guardians,

    Welcome to our temporary way of learning.  Please check here under the course information tab for updates or changes to assignments.  As per our conversation on the phone, you may contact me through my school e-mail.  It is listed under Meet the Teacher tab on the left.  All assignments will be listed under the assignment tab on the left.  I ask that you try to complete all assignments by the due dates, so you do not get behind.  Our learning assignments will begin Wednesday, April 1.  Assignments will be due Monday, April 6, this will get you started.  My best advice for you is to have a certain time during the day to do your assignments.  As always do your best, work hard, take your time and show me how fabulous you are.  I believe in you and I know you can succeed.


    My prayer for you is that you stay healthy,

    Ms. King