• BIOLOGY 1 (2020 - 2021)

    Mr. Moser, Room #8-004, Course #2000310

    Text: Biology, Miller & Levine, Pearson 2019

    E-mail address: Jacob.Moser@marion.k12.fl.us

    Class website: https://www.marionschools.net/Page/48309


    Course of Study:

    The purpose of Biology is to study the standard theoretical concepts that are fundamental to biology with a strong emphasis on practical skills. The emphasis throughout is on the understanding and the application of biology ideas in novel contexts as well as the acquisition of knowledge. The course will foster creative thinking and writing skills which are transferable to any future career path. Biology 1 will be taking the state exam for biology, we will be following a course of study outlined by the Florida Biology Curricula.

    Your responsibilities as a student:

    You are expected to be at school and prepared. Attendance is very important. If you are not here, it is difficult to learn. While in class, I expect you to be engaged and active in your learning. The end product is not "completing the work," but understanding the concepts and their applications. You will be required to think analytically and express yourself using technical writing. This is a skill that must be practiced to be mastered.

    Class Rules:

    1. Be on-time, on-task, and prepared to learn EVERYDAY
    2. Keep all electronics, food, and drinks (except bottled water) put away
    3. Be responsible for your own learning
    4. Respect the teacher, the classroom, and other students

    My responsibilities as your teacher:

    I am expected to provide a classroom environment conducive to learning. I will do this by maintaining discipline, providing lessons targeting the sunshine state standards and Marion County curriculum, giving opportunity for hands-on learning (labs), providing tutoring before and after school on selected days, giving feed-back on student performance (graded papers, verbal instructions and redirection), and reporting assessments of student achievement (grades). 

    Grading:  All grading will be done on a point system and weighted as follows:

    Homework – 10%

    Daily Assignments - 40% (classwork, bell ringers, labs, quizzes, notebook, etc.)

    Tests and Projects - 50% (written/multiple choice tests, writing assignments, presentations, projects)


    Please have the following SUPPLIES each day: lined, loose-leaf paper, blue or black ink pen, red grading pens, a composition notebook, a pencil, student planner, and binder where all the papers for the current grading period are properly organized and brought to school. Students also can bring in 1 shared classroom supply item such as a box of Kleenex, a box of small or large baggies, or a box of latex gloves. The student planner will be used to keep track of scheduled tests and labs. Notebooks will be added to each class and graded periodically, usually on chapter test days.  


    Florida Statute 1003.47 Biological Experiments on living subjects.

    1(a) Dissection may be performed on nonliving mammals or birds secured from a recognized source of such specimens and under supervision of qualified instructors. Students may be excused upon written request of a parent.


    Time to complete missed work is available before and/or after school. Tutoring is available after school. Consult my schedule and talk with me to be sure I am available. (Sometimes I have conferences or meetings.) Absent work can be done at this time. Extra test study sessions maybe be held before chapter tests and will award extra credit for attending and participating.

    Policies and Procedures:

    1) Properly head each paper as shown in our class. A student who fails to properly label papers may not receive credit for their work. (First and Last name, Proper Assignment name, Date)

    2) Work begins when you enter class and does not end until you leave the classroom. Do not clean up early or hang around the door waiting for class to end. Come in quickly and check the board for instructions on the bell ringer and agenda.

    3) Late work will receive a 25% grade reduction. A homework assignment is late if it is not turned in at the start of class. Most classwork assignents are due at the end of class. After two more days this increases to 50%. Once work is passed back out it will not be accepted.

    4) Absent Work: Missed lab, activity or quizzes can only be made up within the same number of days you missed. It is the student’s responsibility to turn their make-up work in on time. Please do not interrupt teaching. Students often find it is easier to email me the day they are absent so they can get their make-up work. Check the website for absent work. Alternate assignments may be given if excessive absences are due to a chronic medical condition or family emergency (bring in a doctor's or counselor's note).

    5) Missed tests or quizzes must be taken the same day the student returns to school. (The student is responsible for writing the work in their planner, being aware of test days, and studying for the test.) You will not receive extra days to prepare for the test. You may also receive an alternate form of the test. Students who are absent the day prior to a test are still responsible for taking the test on the assigned day. Students should begin preparing for tests at the beginning of a chapter or unit and make a note of the test date in their planner.

    6) Science Binder: Students should keep a science binder of all completed work for each semester. Students should keep all tests, quizzes, and classwork to study since these will be used to make the midterm and final tests. If a grade is disputed I need to see the original document!

    7) A composition notebook will also be used for standards, bellringers, vocabulary, lecture questions, labs, and other activities. You will be given specific directions about how to keep your notebook with a table of contents. This is worth a significant part of your grade. 


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