Stephen Hickman
  • My name is Stephen Hickman. I am looking forward to guiding Forest students on their journey of discovering and using the patterns of Algebra and Geometry to help them approach and solve the problems they will see in their future endeavors. Please look around my website. You can learn more about me and find my contact information on the Meet The Teacher page. I teach two classes for Forest, Algebra 1 and Geometry. The class calendar will include due dates for assignments and other classroom activities.

    Algebra and Geometry are studies of patterns, and the applications of those patterns to solve problems. You use them every day when solving problems, many times without knowing it. When a cook is trying to decide how much of an ingredient to put into a recipe for a dinner, when a mechanic is aligning the wheels of a vehicle, or when a builder is trying to decide the area of a room in a building plan, they are all using algebraic and geometric processes to make those decisions and solve those problems.


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