• LIBERTY MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                     8th Grade Language Arts                               CARDONE / 2017 – 18


    Supplies Needed:

    Paper (college ruled preferred)      Binder or folder

    # 2 pencils                Blue / Black pens (only)                Pencil sharpener           Color pencils (12)

    Class Procedures / Behavior Expectations:

     Students line up outside the teacher’s door if the teacher is not present.  Enter in an  orderly fashion when teacher is present.  Sit at assigned seat.
     Be on time and be prepared for class (paper, pencil, planner).
     You are expected to be on time.  A Referral will be written after 4th tardy.
     Listen and follow directions.
     Raise your hand to speak.
     Stay in seat unless otherwise directed.
     Restroom:  quietly get up and sign out / in.  If you abuse, you lose!
     You may bring water to class.  No other food/drinks allowed.
     Keep classroom clean and neat.

     RESPECT – It is expected that you treat everything and everyone in this room with respect.  It is not expected that you like everyone in Room 2 – 204, but you will treat each person in the room with dignity and tolerance.  Students whose behavior interferes with other students’ ability to learn will be removed from the classroom. 

    PERSONAL GROOMING - This is a classroom - not a place for combing hair, putting on makeup, spraying perfume, using hand lotion, etc. Please respect everyone in the class by keeping these activities "personal" and not public!

      LANGUAGE – There is a time and place for everything; language used on t.v., at home, or with friends at a party is not the same language used in a classroom.

     DISMISSAL – Students will be dismissed by the teacher NOT the bell.

     CELL PHONES / ELECTRONICS – All cell phones and electronics will be kept out of sight and silenced unless the teacher has given specific permission for their use.  Failure to comply will result in the device being confiscated and turned into Discipline office.
    In addition to expectations listed above, ALL guidelines / rules stated in the student handbook apply.


     Class Work / Quiz                            50%
      Test / Project                                 40%
      Homework                                     10%



    Make – Up Work Procedures:

     If you miss a class, you are responsible for missed work!
      If you are absent on the day of an announced test, or the day an assignment is due, the assigned test or assignment will be made up or due on the day you return.  For all other work you will be given one day for each day’s absence to make up your work.  If work is not completed within this time, you will not receive credit.
      You may e-mail me for missed assignments, check my webpage, or get your work from the Make-Up file, before or after class, on the day you return.

    Assignment / Homework:

     Homework is given for a reason.  If you choose to not do it – you choose to receive a “zero” for that assignment.
      Assignments are due on the announced date.
      PLAGIARISM (failure to write information in your own words, copying another student’s work, allowing another student to copy your work, etc.) is cheating, dishonorable, and demonstrates a lack of academic integrity.  The consequence for plagiarism is a zero grade, phone call home, and documentation in the discipline log and/or a Guidance referral.