All Classwork will be assigned through Google Classroom. Please check all of your classes every day for updates, due dates, and questions I or your other teachers may be posting.

    For the entirety of our online learning journey, I will be following a few simple guidelines for each week:

    The following applies to all classes:

    • Every week we will have 1 - 2 assignments directly related to the content we are currently working on
      • Life Science - we will be working on two units - first, Classification of Living Things; and second, Ecology
      • Physical Science - we will be focusing on one main unit - Waves and Light
      • These assignments may be through our e-textbooks, a website, or video assignments - or a combination
    • Every week we will have one assignment on Vocabulary.com - the link for each class' assignments can be found in Google Classroom
    • Every week, we will have one Cultural/Emotional/Social assignment - this assignment is to give you a chance to think a little differently and perhaps learn something new about the world, a topic you never examined before, or maybe even yourself. Take the time to enjoy these assignments and the brain break they are giving you.
    • Yes. Everything is graded. Everything is always for a grade.