• Wk of 8/7/17

    I welcome every one of my wonderful students back to an exciting and fun school year in Physical Science class.  There will be a straight 6 schedule for Thursday and Friday of this week.  These days will be dedicated to reviewing school procedures.  Looking ahead to next week, time will be devoted to classroom policies and notebook setup. For Monday the 14th, students will be shown a Safety Video followed by a 5 question quiz.  After the quiz, we will then begin the section on NOS or Nature of Science in earnest.

    Wk of 8/14/17

    Welcome parents and students to the Week in Review.  For Monday, we will be viewing a video on Lab Safety followed by a 5 question quiz.  We alsp will set up our Student Interactive Notebook.  For Tuesday and Wednesday, we will begin the following vocabulary, observation, inference, test variable, outcome variable, control group, experimental group, constants or controlled variables.  Thursday/Friday block days, we will engage in our first lab for the Nature of Science by reading a scenario of a theft and develop hypotheses as to a solution for the issue.  This will be an excellent activity to learn how Science is used in Forensics.  Have a great day, Mr.O. :)

    Wk of 8/21/17

    Welcome parents and students to the week in review.  For Monday, students you are to turn in your "You Stack em' Lab Report as this is due on the next day you report to class.  Please remember, if you are turning in a report late, you must write LATE accross the top in ink so it cannot be erased.  There will be a point reduction of 25% right off the top for any late accepted assignment so the moral of the story is to be on time.  We will continue working in Lesson 1 of our textbook with reading, completing the Lesson Review questions and completing the vocabulary in the foldable.  Tuesday we will participate in a quarterly test similar to a Benchmark Assessment.  Wednesday we will continue to work in Lesson 2 of our textbook.  Thursday/Friday block days will be devoted to an activity where you have to solve a problem and design a roller coaster using the Scientific Method from the textbook.  This activity needs to be completed during class time.  Have a wonderful weekend and be rested to work starting Monday.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 8/27/17

    Happy Sunday the 27th to my wonderful students of Science.  We will begin this week by reviewing the work you completed last week in Nature of Science with regards to your foldable and the vocabulary word definitions.  We will check to make sure they are complete and correctly written.  I will more than likely place a Mr. O. spin on the vocabulary simply because I am a scientist and I need to do so.  Remember, there is homework every night so you need to be studying these words nightly as this is the language that we speak in Science... 10-15 minutes.  We also will have some graphics associated with the words as well.  For the block days, we will have a lab associated specificslly with a vocabulary word in mind for you to participate in.  

    Parents, Tuesday the 29th is our Open House at Liberty Middle and I am truly looking forward to meeting you and letting you know how happy I am to have your child in my class room.  I know this will be a wonderful year for your child.  This night you will be able to ask any questions regarding academics that you may have.  Let's have a great week! Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/4/17

    Welcome back from hopefully a restful Labor Day holiday. We will begin Monday this week by collecting the Hand Jive Lab of Thursday block day for periods 1,3 and 5.  For Friday block, periods 2,4 and 6 had a different collected assignment.  Wednesday we will studying the 4 types of models that Scientists use at any time.  We will also continue with our experiment scenarios and designing an experiment that represents the most effective toothpaste.  We will be just setting this experiment up on paper only and not actually conducting it.  This is to be considered a learning check.  Thursday/Friday block will be a lab associated with our vocabulary words.  Have a wonderful week, Mr. O. :) 

    Wk of 9/18/17

    Well, I don't know about you but after a 6 day school hiatus, I'm ready to return.  Please do not to forget to complete your Variable homework that you had received prior to the storm.  I will be conducting a homework audit on Monday upon your entry into the room so make sure it is complete or take a zero.  Please check the student portal for your grade and anything you are missing.  It may be as simple as you joined our class after an assignment was offered but you are responsible to check the portal to see what you are missing.  I thank those students how have cleaned up their assignments in the grade.  We will be continuing our work in scenarios this week and experience an activity and gallery walk on the block days of this week in Experimental Design.  Looking forward to seeing my wonderful group of students, Mr. O. :)


    Just a friendly reminder to study for your Science Variable quiz scheduled for the block days of this week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/25/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  If you were absent from the block days of last week, you will need to take the 8 question "Check for Understanding" test on Monday.  I will be going over the answers tomorrow and returning your papers.  Remember, if you score less than a 60%, this will require a parent signature and you can always have the opportunity to make up a poor score anytime you like..  I hold office hours either before or after school as I am here for you.  We will continue with our work from last week by conducting a gallery walk viewing each groups work for Experimental Design.  I also have a study guide for you to work on in preparation of our QMAS county exam that we will be having during the week of October 2.  The lab for this week will be directly related to measurement and the tools that Scientists use.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O. :)

    Wk of 10/2/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  Periods 3 and 5, we launched an Alternative Assignment for those not participating in the Science Fair on Friday and you will receive your assignment on Monday 10/2.  This can also be found on the dashboard of the webpage as well.  This assignment will be due 12/8 so you have plenty of time to prepare a fine project that we can showcase for the Science Expo that will be scheduled for an evening in the cafeteria in January, 2018. 

    For Monday 10/2, please remember to bring in your completed lab report for the Ping Pong Drop lab.  If you were not in attendance for the lab, you may complete an Alternative Assignment as listed on the back of the syllabus for when a lab is missed for credit.  We will begin Properties of Matter starting Monday with a Page Keeley Assessment Probe which determines backgroung knowledge.  At first, we will discuss the structure of the atom and then transition into Atomic Theory.  This will be continued into Wednesday.  Our Lab for this week will be focusing on Atomic Theory.  Lets have a great week together, Mr. O. :)

    Wk of 10/9/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  As we get ready to close out Quarter 1 this coming Friday, I want to say how wonderful it was to work with great students who are inquisitive and want to learn.  Now is the time to represent our school and county by doing well on Wednesday's QSMA county exam of 20 questions.  Remember, my expectation is that you are studying 15-20 nightly as a recipe for success.  As always parents, I can use your help in this department by helping your child foster great work habits in studying nightly which will pay big divedends as they prepare for their high school academics.

    For Monday, we will begin by collecting the Creative Time Line activity.  Please make sure you have included the "must haves" for full credit on the assignment.  This assignment can also be located on the dashboard as well.  Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to reviewing in class for the QSMA.  We will concentrate on Graphing.  You must know how to not only develop a graph but also interpret its meaning.  Wednesday will be the exam.  You will be given the 50 minute class time to complete the exam.  For those students who have extra time as an accomodation, you will be given an extra 25 minutes to complete the exam when I see you on the block day.  If you should be absent on Wednesday, I will be conducting the make up exams on the Thursday/Friday block days only.  This is a narrow window for this exam and the results will be placed in the Test category of the grade book for this quarter so please be sure to do your very best.  We will continue with the Properties of Matter for the balance of the week.  Lets have a great week!  Mr. O. :)

    Wk of 10/17/17

    Welcome to another, you guessed it, week in review.  Well, we just put a lid on quarter one with three more to go.  This year is already moving along a breaking speed.  We will begin this week by viewing about a half an hour of the Nova video, "Hunting the Elements".  We will view this 3 hour video in chuncks and the video will be followed by a writing component.  Wednesday we will continue with the Periodic Table with regards to how to read the table.  Thursday/Friday block days will be devoted to an activity using the Periodic Table.  Let's have a great week.

    Wk of 10/23/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  For Monday, the frist thing we will do is to collect the Adopt an Element activity from the block days.  Next, we will continue going over and understanding the Group names and the similar properties that exist within each group on the Periodic Table of Elements.  We will have an activity planned for the block days this week for you.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 10/30/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  Our lesson for this week will encompass bonding of atoms.  Ionic and covalent types of bonds will be discussed.   We then will transition into chemical formulas and molecules.  Towards the ned of the week, you will have an activity associated with molecules.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 11/6/17

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  We will begin on Mondayby collecting The Molecule Story that was started on the Block Days.  Next we will continue our work with the pH scale by placing items on a pH scale.  We then will dive into the states of matter in detail including the 4th state Plasma.  We will have a lab this week that will be associated with a state of matter.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 11/13/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will continue our lesson on mixtures, solutions and pure substances.  We will continue with properties, physical changes and chemical changes as well.  We will then wrap up the week with a lab associated with properties of matter prior to the Thanksgiving break.  Mr. Orloff 

    Wk of 11/27/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin Monday by collecting the hand written Oobeleck lab that we had on the last block days prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  If you were absent for any reason for the block days, you can complete a Double A and turn that in for credit on Monday.  Please remember, your Double A must be a full complete front page hand written.  We will also continue to prepare for the QSMA scheduled for December 6th by continuing with the States of Matter.  There also will be a lab associated with the content we are covering for this week.

    Just a friendly reminder, your Science Project is due by Friday December 8th.  I am opening the window to start to bring in your projects starting Wednesday the 6th.  I will need to check in your 2 categories; Research Paper or Lab Report for an experiment, Visual portion of your assignment such as board, poster, foam board or a model.  Then I will tell you where you can place your assignment.  Hope all are rested and ready to complete 2nd quarter strong like I know you can.  We can do this.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 12/4/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin Monday by collecting the Sunset in a Bag lab report that was conducted on the block days of last week.  If you were absent for any reason for the block days, you can complete a Double A and turn that in for credit on Monday.  Please remember, your Double A must be a full complete front page hand written.  We will also continue to prepare for the QSMA scheduled for December 6th by tying up any lose ends that need to be covered.  Remember your Science project is due by Friday the 8th of this week and will include two scores, one for the written component and one score for the visual component.  Please make sure you hit the due date of no later than Friday for the opportunity to earn maximum points.  Also for Monday, we will be visited by a Caravan from the various schools who will be showcasing their High School programs that they are offering to you so please be attentive to our visitors.  This will take place right around 9:30 and will go through to 3rd Period.  We will continue as normal for the rest of the day.  Our lab for this week will be associated with the unknown density of various samples.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 12/11/17

    Welcome to the week in review.  This week, we will be preparing for the semester exam by participating in a variety of activities that are student based learning in order for you gain the most learning of the review material.  This can range from class activities to working in centers and then rotating to another area.  I expect that you will participate fully and stay focused as you are developing your study guide by answering a variety of questions from Nature of Science, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Density and Chemical and Physical Properties. 

    In addition, if you did not turn in a paper, visual or both, it is considered late as of December 8th.  You have the opportunity for a maximum score of 75%.  Science Fair participants, your project and journal are both due on Wednesday the 13th.  Please be on time for that day.  Remember as we prepare prior to Semester Exams to do what's right, do your best and treat others the way you want to be treated.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 1/8/18

    Welcome to the week in review.  Look forward to working with your shoulder partner for Chapter 1, Lesson 2 to learn about speed and velocity.  So, we will continue to add to our foldable, answer some active readings and cover some Math Skills for this week all while working towards a particular Florida Standard.  We will have a lab associated with Speed for this weeks block days.  Great week!!!  Mr.. Orloff

    Science Expo

    Liberty Middle School's Science Expo will take place on Thursday February 22 from 5:30 to 7:oopm.  Please plan on joining the Science Department in showcasing the fine science projects our students have developed.  We invite your family and friends to join us for that evening and light refreshments will also be provided.  I look forward to seeing you and your family for a great evening at Liberty Middle School.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 1/16/18

    Welcome to the week in review.  On Tuesday, the first item on the agenda is to collect the Balloon Race lab from the block days of last week.  Remember, your lab report must be in the CER Report format.  Next, we will continue working with our shoulder partners working with an activity designed to help reinforce our knowledge of graphing Distance/Time and Speed/Time graphs.  Wednesday, we will have a test on the material which will include graphing and acceleration problems.  For the block days of this week, we will have a lab associated with Force and Motion which is our current unit.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 1/22/18

    Welcome to the week in review. We will begin on Monday by collecting the Parachute Lab that we conducted on the block days of last week.  Next we will revisit the Page Keeley assessment probe from Chapter 1 to see if you would like to make any changes from your original selection.  We will continue in Chapter 2 by adding to our foldable more vocabulary words and concepts such as the Law of Universal Garvitation and important elements of friction.  We will wrap up the week with a lab direclty related to our concepts related to Force and Mortion.  Great week!  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 1/29/18

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin Monday by collecting the lab from the block days, Whirlybird Excursion lab.  I will distribute the Parachute lab and go over some of the corrections.  We will engage in an activity with balanced and unbalanced forces before we wrap up that portion of the unit.  We will continue in the week by discussing the Laws of Motion according to Newton.  This should take us up to the block days for a lab associated with Motion.

    Tuesday we will be having an Infrastructure test to make sure our computer system is stable for during testing season.  This will take place at 9:45am during selected classes.  Mine is such a class so period 3, please bring your ear buds for this time for this 30 minute trial with the Chrome books.

    Wk of 2/5/18

    Welcome to the week in review.  First with a message to the parents.  Your childs next QSMA county exam or Quarter Standards Mastery Assessment is scheduled for March 8th and 9th depending upon which block day they have me.  Please encourgae your child to study their foldable and notes  in their notebook 15-20 minutes daily and this will prove to be a recipe for success for whne the exam rolls around.  We are currently in testing season and this time of the year rolls by quite quickly.  Also, please remember if your childs science project was selected to be showcased at our Science Expo, you are invited to a spaghetti dinner for the night of February 22 from 5:30 - 7:00pm.  Your RSVP should have been received by now so we can have an accurate count of attendees.  We look forward to sharing the fine work that our students have developed in all grade levels during that evening.  The dinner will be held in the cafeteria and the Science Expo will be held in the gymnasium.  Information regarding the upcoming FSA testing will also be provided during that evening as well.

    Students, for this week.  First we will begin our Monday by collecting the Fizzy Rocket lab from last weeks block day.  Remember, this lab was placed on the dashboard of the web site in case you did not have enough time to copy the questions down during class.  Next we will begin our unit by starting with the Page Keeley assessment probe in Chapter 4.  We will contiinue with Kinetic and Potential energy with the goal to have some rich discussions on the topic.  Tuesday we will deepen our understanding of the different forms of Potential energy.  Wednesday, we will continue our discussion regarding the six forms of energy.  We will have an activity planned for the block days of this week.   Our 9th grade vocabulary words that we will cover this week are Linear Momentum, Angular Momentum and The law of Conservation of Momentum.  Let's have a great week!  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 2/12/18

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin Monday by collecting the Select 21 assignment that you worked on during the block days of last week.  If you were absent last week, the assignment is on my dashboard.  We will be continuing with the Law of Conservation of Energy by viewing a couple of videos showing energy in motion.  You will enjoy these.  This weeks lab will be associated with Energy.  We also will define the Law of Conservation of Momentum, Linear and Angular momentum.  Please remember February 22 for our Science Expo and March 8th and 9th for our next county Science exam.  You should be studying nightly 15-20 minutes.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. Orloff

    2/12/18  **Mr. O. News Alert**  The last day to either turn in any late work or to makeup any failed test will be Friday March 9th.  No excuses!!!  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 2/26/18

    Ok here we go.  A big thank you goes out to the students, parents and grandparents who participated in our Science Expo evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting students, parents and grand parents alike for what was a memorable evening.  I am truly honored to have your child in my classroom.  :)

    After a short 4 day week last week, we have another week that has and Early Release day scheduled for Wednesday.  As always, please check the student portal for your grade as a good bit of you have not turned in your Compare/Contrast of the forms of energy found on page 143.  The zero will remain until you turn in your work.  Since the lab reports take so much time to read, I still have the following work to score for you; Honda Cog, Solar Car lab and the Select 21 work.  I will return these back to you just as humanly possible.

    For Monday, the first order of the class will be to collect the Sound Lab report from the block days of last week.  If you were absent for this lab, a double A will be accepted for credit.  We will begin Chapter 14 Waves with a new foldable for this material.  We will continue with Waves for the balance of the week and an activity planned for the block days will be planned.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 3/5/18

    Welcome to another Week in Review.  As we begin this week, I ask you to plan and formulate your thoughts as we prepare for FSA Writes on Tuesday.  I am certain you will do great as I know our Langauge Arts team has prepared you wonderfully for this exam.  In addition, you need to be preparing for the Science QSMA exam #3 that is scheduled for the block days of this week.  We have discussed the elements of the standards that are being covered on this exam so you should do great. 

    The first order of the day for Monday is to collect the Wave Commercial poster that you started on the block days of last week.  If you were absent on the block days, you are to read through page 557 and complete the Wave Commercial assignment located on the dashboard of the web page.  We will continue to deepen our understanding of waves this week by looking at wavelength, frequency and speed. 

    Lastly, please clean up your grades if you have taken any zeros.  The last day to collect any late work will be Friday the March 9th prior to Spring Break.  Let's finish Quarter 3 strong as we begin to approach the home stretch of Quarter 4.  You will be in High School before you know it.  Let's have a great week,  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 3/26/18

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  We will continue with Waves, Light and Sound on Monday with anticipation for a test on Wednesday.  Next, we will transition into FCAT in a Flash which is a 30 page packet reviewing 6th, 7th and 8th grade material.  There will be homework nightly and we will do red pen correction peer grading as you enter the classroom for the next day.  It is imperative that you do your homework nightly as your final grade for Quarter 4 might be impacted negatively.

    We do not know for sure what is on this high stakes exam but you will be best prepared for whatever the state does send your way.  I will also be assisting you with strategies to help with Math and Language Arts skills as well in support of those discilplines.  It truly is GO time!!!  I have complete faith in my wonderful 140 students that you will do wonderfully as you take your exams.  Looking ahead to Tuesday May 1st, this will be our date for the FCAT exam.  I believe the exam will be two 70 minute exams, back to back which will take up the morning.  Lets have a great week!!!  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 4/9/18

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  This week's review should take us up to the Science FCAT Exam which is scheduled for Tuesday May 1st.  From this point forward, we will continue to work in our FCAT in a Flash packet at a rate of 1 page per day for Monday through Wednesday and 2 complete pages during the block days.  If you miss any of this work due to illness or testing, it is your obligation to complete the missed work by signing out your packet either in advance or upon your return.  Remember, we are scoring the Elaborate portion which are the even pages that includes the vocabulary via a word bank and definitions which may be found in the back of the packet.  You need to be responsible and accountable for the packet when you sign it out for special arrangements to remain current with the class room. 

    We will complete as much of the packet prior to the FCAT exam. If the packet is not completed prior to FCAT, we will complete it after the exam in anticipation for our upcoming CSMA which is the County end of year assessment.  The study guides for the CSMA have been printed are are ready to be distributed in May in plenty of time for you to finish the year strong.  Remember, "Strive for Level 5" is our marching orders as we approach the FCAT Exam and finish Quarter 4 Strong!!!  Lastly, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE in the World to take a ZERO on any assignment especially when you are taking ownership of your education by tracking your scores on your Student Assessment Sheet as assignments are returned.  If any student is interested in the electronic form of the tracking sheet, just send me an e-mail requesting the form and I will send it straight away to you.  Let's have a great week.

    Wk of 4/30/18

    Welcome to another week in review.  We will begin Monday by wrapping up FCAT sample questions in preparation for Tuesday.  Tuesday will be the FCAT exam.  Directly following the exam, the study guide will be distributed for the CSMA (LEOCE) that will be conducted the last week of school.  However, there is a written portion that must be completed first.  I am looking at Friday of this week the 4th for this portion of the test.  Friday will be a straight 1-6 so it will be ideal as I see everyone on that day.  Not to worry, we will prepare for the written portion just fine.  Back to the study guide.  We will work on the study guide in chuncks that way we make sure everyone gets the material just fine.  The CSMA will be held during the last week of school.  ***News Flash***  The last day to turn in any late work will be Wednesday the 16th of May.  No Excuses!!!  Finish quarter 4 strong and do not take any zeros to high school.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. Orloff