• Wk of 8/12/19

    Welcome to our very first week in review!!!  I welcome every one of my wonderful students back to an exciting and fun school year in Physical Science class.  There will be a straight 6 schedule for Monday through Wednesday of this week and block schedule for Thursday and Friday.  The early part of this week will be dedicated to reviewing school procedures.  Next, we will transition to classroom policies and notebook setup followed by beginning Nature of Science just as previous years.  For Wednesday, we will view a Lab Safety Video followed by a quick learning check (5 question quiz).  If you should happen to be absent for Wednesday's video, you can receive credit by viewing any lab safety video and writing me a 1/2 to 3/4 page summary about what you learned about lab safety and then turn in the paper.   For the block days, we will have a District Benchmark Assessment as a CSMA to assess your prior knowledge and to determine where I need to focus instruction for you for this school year.  We have 50 minutes to administer this exam.  Lastly, for those who are ambitious and viewing my web page, Science Fair will be offered this year. Those who are interested in Science Fair, please start thinking about an experiment, not a demonstration, that you would like to conduct.  Although Science Fair is not mandatory, ALL students will be engaged in some form of a project during 1st semester.  If you do not participaate in Science Fair, your science project might be selected for the school Science Expo similar to last December in the Gym.  More details to follow...  I'm looking forward to another great year with fantastic students as I hope you are too.  Mr. O.


    News flash from the O-Zone.  We will be having Open House on Thursday August 29.  I am so looking forward to meeting your family that evening so they can see what you are learning for this school year.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 8/19/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin Monday by participating in a team building activity for a portion of Monday's class time.  After this, we will then begin our notebook for a lesson on observation and inference.  This lesson will continue into Tuesday as well.  Wednesday, we will begin experimental design complete with all of the vocabulary aligned with the subject such as test variable, outcome variable, controlled variable, contrtol group and experimental group.  Repitition and replication will also be included.  If you are absent during these days, please define these words in your notebook using your on-line textbook.  Thursday, Friday block will have a lab associated with some of the vocabulary words.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 8/26/19

    Happy Sunday the 25th to my wonderful students of Science.  We will begin this week by collecting the Hand Jive lab that we performed on the block days of last week.  Next we will launch the Science Expo project sheet that has all of the requirements for the assignment that is due by Thursday November 14th. for periods 1,3 and 5 amd November 15th. for periods 2, 4 and 6.  You have more than enough time to engage fully in the assignment, no excuses.  The project sheet and the rubrics related to the assignment selected can also be located on the dashboard of the web page.  After the launch, we will begin studying Experimental Design by reviewing a host of scenarios for the IV, DV, CV and CG that we will begin this week.  This work will be placed in your notebook.  

    Please remember, you had an assignment to place the papers I distributed to you into your notebook.  Please see that you are keeping up with your note as I can have an unannounced audit any day.  

    Remember, there is homework every night so you need to be studying your vocabulary words nightly as this is the language that we speak in Science... 10-15 minutes.  We also will have some graphics associated with the words as well.  For the block days, we will have a lab associated specifically with a vocabulary word in mind for you to participate in.    

    Parents, Thursday the 29th is our Open House at Liberty Middle and I am truly looking forward to meeting you and letting you know how happy I am to have your child in my class room.  I know this will be a wonderful year for your child.  This night you will be able to ask any questions regarding academics that you may have.  Let's have a great week! Mr. O.  

    Wk of 9/2/19

    Welcome to a very short week of the Week in Review.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day holiday and you are refreshed and ready to go for this week.  We will begin the block days by collecting the Ping Pong Drop lab that we performed last block days.  If you were not in attendance for the lab, you can complete and alternative assignment as related to Physical Science.  Details for the assignment can be located under Labs on your syllabus or on the syllabus located on the dashboard fo the web page.  Also, please be sure to let me know your Science Expo project selection prior to starting so I know you are safe.

    Our lesson for this week will be on the various types of models followed by a NOS (Naturre of Science) activity.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/9/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  Parents, please ask your child what their project will be that they selected for the Science Expo which is due mid November.  I need to know what the project is prior to starting so I know that they are safe to complete their reqiurements.  I thank you.

    Students, we will begin Monday by collecting the Experimental Design assignment.  If you were absent on the block days, there is an assignment located on the dashboard where you design an experiment on paper only, not conducted or performed.  This assignment will let me know if you have great command over your variables that we studied the last two weeks.  We also studied Models on the block days .  Please define the following Models in your notebook - Physical model, Mathematical model, Computer Simulation model and Conceptual model.

    After collecting the assignment, I will do a homework audit where you will show me that you completed the Process, Summarization and Reflection from the lesson on Models.  Please make sure you complete this assignment.

    We will begin Atomic Theory this week by looking at the folks who made great contributions by developing a timeline and observing how the theory changed over time.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/16/19

    Welcome to another Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect the Adopt an Element activity that we did on block days of last week.  If you were absent for this activity, the activity can be found on the dashboard of the web page.  Only do page one and two.  Page one is an advertisement and page 2 is research.  You are to research an element on the Periodic Table according to your seat number in class.

    We are still continuing with the Atomic Theory for the balance of this week.  We have a special activity for you this week in determining an unknown chemical material on the block days.  We will be participating in Rock Your School which is world wide by having an activity the is both engaging and rigorous as well.

    Science Fair participants - please log on to Bigspringsscience.com to gain access to the forms that are required for Science Fair as well as additional information.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions.

    Science Expo participants please let me know your selection and what you are doing to make sure you are safe prior to starting the activity. 

    Let's have a great week - Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/23/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday will be for you to complete your question, summarization and reflection in class for the pH work we did.  I will be checking for the completion of your pH assignment packet and questions that you were working on during the block days and to have completed over the weekend.  For Tuesday, we will begin mixtures and solutions.  We will have outside visitors on campus for this day and possibly in our room so best behavior is a must as well as your keepiing up with your FNT and the 5 phases.  We will continue to maintain WICOR strategies inour classroom.  Wednesday will ba an early release day where we will have a school wide activity planned for you.  Block days will have an activity planned for solids, liquids and gases.

    **News Flash**  Just as a friendly reminder, if you have taken a zero on any assignment, please remember periods 1, 3, 5, you have until October 3rd and periods 2, 4, 6 you have until October 4th to turn in.  This will be the final day and there will be no excuses.  Parents, please check Skyward to see your student's scores not only in my class but all of the others as well.  If you do not have access to your child's grades, you can stop by the front office for login information.  In the meantime, your child knows how to login with their account so they are capable of showing you their scores.  Don't let them thell you that they cannot.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/30/19

    Welcome to QSMA county exam week.  We will be reviewing for the QSMA exam this week which will be administered on the block days of this week.  There will be 50 minutes alloted for this exam.  Looking at the curriculum map, we have covered most everything with the exception of states of matter, bonding, filtration, Boyle's law, Charles law. We will cover this material this week.  Please remember, the block days of this week will be the very last day for you to clean your house of any work that you have not turned in.  No excuses at all.  Let's have a great week - Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/7/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect your Molecule Adventure.  This will be scored so there can be another entry into the gradebook for first quarter.  Thank you to those participating in QSMA #1 and doing your best.  These scores will be entered into the gradebook as soon as they become available.  

    If you should be earning an F, look for a phone call home on Monday.  In addition, if you did not obtain a signature on your grade sheet report, I will be letting your parent know that I sent paperwork home for a signature.

    This week in school will be dedicated to FSSA review in as much as Life Science.  Topics covered will be Muscular, Skeletal, Digestive, Excretory, Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous, Immune Reproductive, Hereditory and Planets.  Nonetheless, this will be a busy week for reviewing prior material.  Lets have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/14/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  Grades have been finalized and I am hopeful you are happy with your performance for Quarter 1.  Only 3 more to go and they will go very quickly.  I still need to hear from most of you regarding your Science Expo project.  I need to know what you are doing so I know you are safe to do your assignment.  November 14th will be here very quickly.

    For Tuesday, we should wrap up our work with our review from last week by completing your Reflection and Summary.  Next, we will begin Changes in Matter for our next content area.  We should be able to engage in a lab this week based on our content area.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O. 

    Wk of 10/21/19

    Welcome to another Week in Review in Quarter 2.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect your Properties of Matter work.  If you were absent on the block days, we learned about physical and chemical changes.  We also learned about the Properties of Matter.  On the dashboard, you will find the words associated with the properties.  You are to write the words down on a piece of paper and make a sketch below the words so that you can best associate and remember the words.  This will be due Monday.

    We will deepen our understanding of properties of matter as it relates to reactions and if the property is dependent or independent of size.  We will also investigate density in detail this week and we should be able to conduct a lab based on density this week.  Lastly, your on-line textbook should now be accessable after enabling some buttons in Connect-Ed.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.