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    Ch 19 Chemical Reactions Lessons, Videos, and Worksheets are now available.  Please watch all of the videos and complete the worksheets before taking the online assessments.


    Many of you did not complete the Ch 19 Assessments.  They are currently re-posted until Friday May 29.

    Ch 19 Section 1 Assessment

    Ch 19 Section 2 Assessment

    Ch 19 Section 3-4 Assessment


    If you scored low on any of the Ch 19 Assessments, your test has been re-opened to try again for a higher score.  I had to do this individually, so if I missed your test, just "text" me on Remind.



    Ms. Fagan



    Review Videos:

    Video:  Crash Course-Dmitri Mendeleev (4 min)

    Video:  Mystery of Matter-Mendeleev  (5 min)

    Video:  Bozeman Science: Atoms & Periodic Table (9 min)

    Video:  Crash Course “The Periodic Table” (11 min)

    Video:  Mystery of Matter-Lavoisier’s Better Half  (4 min)




    Monday March 9

    Ch 17 Elements and their Properties

    Video:  Properties of Metals and Nonmetals (5.5 min)

    CW – Read Section 1 Metals p518-521

    Complete first 3 Flaps on Ch 17 Foldable

    Metals (Sec 1)               Metalloids  (Sec 3)         Nonmetals (Sec 2)

    1A  Alkali Metals p520

    2A  Alkaline Earth Metals p521

    5 sheets of paper for 9 flaps:  Define Vocab in Flap 1

    Include names of ALL Elements in Group

    • Properties
    • Practical Uses
    • Valence Electron configuration of 1 element in each group (Bohr Model)


    Tuesday March 10

    Video:  Halogens and Noble Gases (5 min)

    CW – Read Section 2 Nonmetals p526-530

    Complete last 2 Flaps on Ch 17 Foldable

    Add definition of diatomic molecule (p527) to the Foldable under Halogens

    7A  Halogens p528

    8A  Noble Gases p530


    Wednesday March 11

    Video:  Carbon…the element of Life (3 min)

    CW – Read Section 3 Mixed Groups p532-534

    Complete middle 2 Flaps on Ch 17 Foldable

    3A  Boron Family p532

    4A  Carbon Family p533


    Thurs/Fri March 12-13

    CW – Read Section 3 Mixed Groups p535-536

    Complete remaining Flaps on Ch 17 Foldable

    5A  Nitrogen Family p535

    6A  Oxygen Family p536


    Spring Break March 14-22

    Quarantine March 23-May 28

    Online Learning begins!

    Wednesday April 1

    Refer to lessons March 9-13...Is your Ch 17 Foldable finished?

    Re-watch the YouTube videos for Ch 17.  The links should work.

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    Thursday April 2

    Read Section 1 The Transition Elements p522-523 and Metals in Earth’s Crust p525

    HW Create notes on paper or add to Foldable if you made extra flaps (perhaps in outline form)

                Iron, Cobalt & Nickel                       Copper, Silver & Gold                     Zinc, Cadmium & Mercury

    Watch Videos:  Uses of Metals (4 min) and Where does metal come from?  (4.5 min)


    Distance Learning

    Ch 18 Chemical Bonds 2020

    Your Worksheet is attached here:

    Ch 18 Chemical Bonds WS

    Week of April 6

    Day 1

    Read Section 1 Stability in Bonding p552-556

    Watch Videos:

    Why do Atoms Bond? (2.5 min)

    Chemical Formulas (6 min)

    Lewis Dot Structure for Magnesium

    Lewis Dot Structure for Sulfur

    Complete Ch 18 Note-taking Worksheet p1

    For the Electron Dot Diagram, you can find videos like the 2 above for any of the elements.


    Day 2

    Read Section 2 Types of Bonds p558-564

    Watch Videos:

    Ionic Bonding Video  (3 min)

    Covalent Bonding Video  (6 min)

    Complete Ch 18 Note-taking Worksheet p2


    Day 3

    Read Section 2 Types of Bonds p558-564

    Watch Videos:

    Video Review Ionic/Covalent Bonds  (2 min)

    Cohesion/Adhesion of Water on ISS (3 min)

    Complete Ch 18 Note-taking Worksheet p3


    Day 4

    Read Section 3 Writing Formulas and Naming Compounds p565-570

    Watch Videos:

    Crash Course:  How to Speak Chemistrian  (first 5 min)

    Smart Learning Covalent Bonding  (6 min)

    Complete Ch 18 Note-taking Worksheet p4


    Week of April 13:

    Ch 17 TestElements and their Properties 


    Week of April 20:

    Monday April 20 - Wednesday April 22

    Ch 18 Section 1 Assessment


    Wednesday April 22 - Friday April 24

    Ch 18 Section 2 Assessment


    Week of April 27:

    Monday April 27 - Wednesday April 29

    Ch 18 Section 3 Assessment


    Ch 19 Chemical Reactions 2020

    Thursday April 30

    Read Section 1 Chemical Changes p582-584

    Conservation of Mass

    Writing Equations and Coefficients

    Watch Videos:

    Chemical Equations (4 min)

    Coefficients & Subscripts (5 min)

    Conservation of Mass (4 min)

    HW – Complete Part 1 of Ch 19 Sec 1 WS


    Click here for Ch 19 Sec 1 Worksheet

    Typo in Part 2 #8: Replace O2 with F2


    Friday May 1

    Read Section 1 Chemical Changes p585-587

    Balancing Equations

    Watch Videos:

    Balancing Chemical Equations for Beginners (6.5 min)

    How to Balance Chemical Equations (5 min)

    HW – Complete Part 2 of Ch 19 Sec 1 WS


    Mon-Tues May 4-5

    Read Section 2 Classifying Chemical Reactions p590-592

    Types of Reactions

    Watch Videos:

    Combustion (4 min)

    Types of Chemical Reactions (5 min)

    HW – Complete  Ch 19 Sec 2 WS

    Click here for Ch 19 Sec 2 WS


    Wednesday May 6

    Read Section 3 Chemical Reactions and Energy p594-596

    Energy Exchanges

    Watch Videos:

    Crash Course Energy & Chemistry (9.5 min)

    Endothermic & Exothermic (2 min)

    HW – Complete top half of Ch 19 Sec 3 WS

    Click here for Ch 19 Sec 3 WS


    Thursday May 7

    Read Section 3 Chemical Reactions and Energy p597

    Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

    Conservation of Energy in RXs

    Watch Videos:

    Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration (3.5 min)

    Crash Course Fundamental Laws of Chemistry (11 min)

    HW – Complete bottom half of Ch 19 Sec 3 WS


    Friday May 8

    Read Section 4 Reaction Rates and Equilibrium p598-602

    Factors affecting Reaction Rates


    Watch Videos:

    Bozeman Science – Rates of Reactions (6.5 min)

    TED Ed – How to speed up chemical reactions…and get a date (5 min)

    What are catalysts? (3.5 min)

    Enzymes (4 min)

    HW – Complete Ch 19 Sec 4 WS

    Click here for Ch 19 Sec 4 WS


    Monday May 11 – Thursday May 14

    Ch 19 Section 1 Assessment


    Tuesday May 12 - Friday May 15

    Ch 19 Section 2 Assessment


    Wednesday May 13 - Saturday May 16

    Ch 19 Section 3-4 Assessment


    Re-opened until Friday May 29

    Please, complete the worksheets and watch the videos before attempting the tests.

    Ch 19 Sec 1, Sec 2, and Sec 3-4