• Dear Students,

    Welcome to the BEST and most interesting class at Vanguard High School!  I'm so thrilled that you are joining me in this adventure of discovering the wonders of the human body.  This is my 15th year teaching A&P at VHS.  And I know that some of y'all (yes, I'm from the South!) are especially looking forward to dissecting fetal pigs Quarter 4, the reward of surviving the rigor and pace of this course. 

    The "official" textbook for this course is Elsevier's Anthony's Textbook of Anatomy & Physiology 21st Edition. However, the textbook that I mostly use is Pearson's Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology by Marieb 9th Edition. 

    These textbooks are not available online , but you can click on this link for an "online textbook."  After all, Anatomy is Anatomy....no matter the textbook!  There are Anatomy apps as well.

    Online Textbook

    The class agenda/lessons/assignments are usually posted by Chapter or Topic so that you can manage your study time and due dates (See below).  Allow for minor changes due to circumstances (e.g. hurricane days) but the schedule should be fairly consistent.  I understand that most of you are involved in many activities, so I will respectfully not give you last-minute "surprise" assignments.  Schedule your study time wisely.  Use a calendar to mark due dates.  I will do everything that I can to help you succeed in this course.  I look forward to meeting you!

    Ms. Fagan


    The following websites have learning activities: Crossword Puzzles, Labeling Exercises, & Practice Quizzes/Tests.

    Hole's Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology Website

    Pearson Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology Website

    How to register Online for Elsevier Anatomy Resources:

    u  Most textbooks have student resources available at no cost
    u  Go to www.evolve.elsevier.com and click on “Catalog
    u  Type in your textbook author’s last name into the “Search below to find and access Elsevier products or shop foronline savings” field: Have them type Kevin Patton in the search bar. It is the 10th edition, the back book with different colored skeletons not the lab one.
    u  Use the filter options on the left to find “Evolve Resources” quickly
    u  Select the correct book and edition
    u  Click on “Register” (Do not choose “Enroll”)
    u  Click on “Redeem/Checkout
    u  Fill in your account and school information
    u  Click on “Checkout/Redeem
    u  Check your “My Evolve” page to find your resources

    Click here for All Power Points



     If you want to buy Coloring Workbook ISBN-13 978-0-8053-4778-4 Not required to purchase

    Color WB




     Human Anatomy & Physiology 3rd Quarter Project 2021


    Submit a proposal for your project that includes:

    Topic – New technology, discovery, or advancement in Anatomy, Health, or Medical related field

    Purpose – Why did you choose this topic?

    What do you want your audience to gain from your presentation?

    Method of Presentation – power point, Prezi, model, interview, video, guest speaker, etc

    Resources – www, health professional, hospital, JAMA, etc.


    Proposals are due by Friday January 29

    Teacher reserves the right to accept or reject your proposal.


    Anatomy Honors Short Presentation Rubric 2021


    TIME                                                                       6-8 minutes (duo) 5-7 min (solo)                                                            _____      /10

    PREPAREDNESS                                   Students are well prepared and appear to have rehearsed                                    _____      /10

    POSTURE & EYE CONTACT                Memorize or use note cards.                                                                                  _____      /10

                                                                    Do not read from a poster or power point!

    VOLUME & DICTION                             Students can be heard by entire audience.                                                            _____      /10

                                                                    Words are pronounced correctly.

    CONTENT                                              Thorough understanding and coverage of topic                                                     _____      /20

    COMPREHENSION                                Ability to answer questions from audience                                                             _____      /10

    VISUAL AIDES                                        Power Point, Prezi, or other visual aid should contribute                                        _____      /30

    to overall effectiveness of presentation and be clearly visible

    at 20-foot distance.  Bullet points, NOT sentences!               

    TOTAL SCORE                                                                                                                                                                   _____    /100


    Begin Ch 8 Special Senses

    The Eye Structure p281-289 (PP 1-20)                           Elsevier Ch 24: p536-539

    CW – (1) Label Eye & Ear Illustration

    (2) SAE p307: 11-21 Due Friday


    Wed-Thurs Feb 10-11

    The Eye Structure p281-289 (PP 1-20)               Elsevier Ch 24: p536-539

    The Eye Function p281-289 (PP 21-56)             Elsevier p540-547

    CW - WB “Eye” p163-164: 5-8

    HW - Study for Quiz 8A Eye Anatomy


    Fri/Tues Feb 12/16

    (No School Monday President’s Day)

    Turn in CW - SAE p307: 11-21 (11)

    BW - Label eye on board

    Short Eye Video

    Quiz 8A - Eye Anatomy (Matching)

    The Ear:  Hearing & Balance p294-300 (PP Ear 1-12)   Elsevier p530-532

    • Class Break

    The Ear:  Hearing & Balance p294-300 (PP Ear 12-30)  Elsevier p532-535

    CW - SAE p308: 22-25 CrTh: 36, 37, 38, 40 (8) Due next class

    HW – Prepare for Eye Test Fri/Mon


    Wed-Thurs Feb 17-18

    Turn in CW - SAE p308: 22-25 CrTh: 36, 37, 38, 40 (8)

    Ch 8 - Eye Test (30 pts) = 10 MC + 9 Matching + 11 Label (word bank)

    Chemical Senses p301-305 (PP)                                  Elsevier p527-530

    Q3 Presentations

    CW - SAE p308: 26-29 CrTh 35, 42 (6) Due next class


    Fri/Mon Feb 19/22

    Turn in HW - SAE p308: 26-29 CrTh 35, 42 (6)  

    Q3 Presentations

    CW SAE p308: 30-34 CrTh 43 (6) Due next class

    Discovery DVD - Pushing the Limits "Sight" (45 min)


    Tues-Wed Feb 23-24

    Turn in HW - SAE p308: 30-34 CrTh 43 (6)


    Ch 8 - Ear & Chemical Senses Test (30 pts) = 7 Label + 13 MC + 10 Matching Ear Parts

    Q3 Presentations



    Thurs-Fri Feb 25-26

    Begin Ch 10 – Blood

    Composition of Blood p340-347 (PP 1-31)                   Elsevier Ch 27 p606-611, 618-620

    Hematopoeisis p347-349 (PP 32-37)                             Elsevier Ch 27 p608, 612-614

    Q3 Project Presentations

    CW - SAE p358: 14-19 Due next class


    Mon-Tues Mar 1-2

    Turn in now - SAE p358: 14-19

    Video:  Composition of Blood

    Hemostasis & Blood Groups p349-354 (PP 38-68)         Elsevier Ch 27 p613-618, 621-625

    Q3 Project Presentations

    CW - (1) Workbook p192 & 195

    (2) SAE p359: 20,21,24,25 CrTh 27,28  ExCr 29-33  (6+5) Due next class

    HW - Study for Quiz - Blood p340-344 (Matching) next class


    Wed-Thurs Mar 3-4

    Turn in now SAE p359: 20,21,24,25 CrTh 27,28  ExCr 29-33  (6+5)

    Quiz - Blood p340-344 (Matching)

    Q3 Project Presentations

    Hemostasis Animation

    Bozeman Biology - Blood Typing

    CW – (1) Blood CLOZE Notes

    (2) Workbook p192 & 195

    (3) Make BINGO card

    Play Kahoot!


    Fri-Mon Mar 5 & 8

    Review Workbook p192 & 195 and Blood CLOZE Notes

    Video: Crash Course Blood (10 min)

    Play BINGO 

    DVD – Something the Lord Made (First 25 min)


    Tues-Wed Mar 9-10

    Ch 10 Test = 34 points = 17 MC + 6 Compl + 11 Matching (Study Quiz) + 1 ExCr

    Begin Ch 11 Cardiovascular

    Heart Anatomy, Systemic & Pulmonary Circulation p362-368 (PP#1 1-16)

                Elsevier Ch 28 Heart p634-646 & Ch 29 Blood Vessels p668-669

    HW – (1) Read p368-374 to prepare for next lecture

    (2) SAE p400: 21-26 Turn in next class

    Movie Day next class!  Bring popcorn or snacks to share.


    Thurs-Fri Mar 11-12

    Turn in Today SAE p400: 21-26

    Review Systemic & Pulmonary Circulations

    Show class Aortic Arch vessels before DVD

    Movie Day

    DVD – Something the Lord Made


    Spring Break! March 13-22