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    Nutrition, Urinary and Reproductive System Tests have been re-posted for make-ups for the LAST LAST time today June 1!


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    Hole's Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology Website

    Pearson Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology Website

    New Textbook 

    How to register Online for Elsevier Anatomy Resources:

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    Click here for All Power Points




    Q4 PROJECT – Nutrition (Dietary Analysis)

    Keep a journal of your entire food intake for three days.  Choose typical days; no need to be consecutive days.  All 3 days must be different.  Don’t forget beverages, snacks, salad dressing, & condiments! 

    Your minimum intake must be at least 1500 calories.  No exceptions!  If you are under 1500 calories, then you are probably underestimating your portions.  For example, use a measuring cup for breakfast cereal.


    Prepare a spread sheet that documents your dietary intake for 3 days.

    You may prepare by hand using a ruler, but computer is preferred.  (Word Table or Excel)

    Rows should be divided by days, meals, and specific food items

         1 page for each day is easiest.  Do not split meals between pages.

    Columns must include Calories, Fat, Carbohydrates, & Protein.

         You may add further columns like Sat & Unsat Fat, Sugar, Fiber, cholesterol, etc.

    At the end of each day, give a daily total for each column.

    At the end of the three days, calculate the 3-day average for each column.


    The internet has detailed lists of food content, even restaurant & fast foods.

                Calorie King Website is good:  https://www.calorieking.com/us/en/


    Finally, write (type) a paragraph reflecting on what you learned from keeping a food diary and what you might change about your eating habits.




    Pearson Ch 13 Respiratory – 2020

    Elsevier Ch 35, 36, 37 Resp Tract, Ventilation, Gas Exchange, & Transport


    Saturday Mar 14 – Monday March 23 Spring Break!


    Tuesday March 24

    Begin Respiratory System

    Upper Respiratory Anatomy p441-444 (PP #1 1-18)                Elsevier Ch 35 p801-807

    Study Tip:  Create Notes with Illustrations of Respiratory Anatomy

    CW - SAE p467: 8-14 (7) Due tomorrow


    Wednesday March 25

    Turn in SAE p467: 8-14 (7)

    Lower Respiratory Anatomy p444-448 (PP #1 19-36)               Elsevier Ch 35 p807-815 & Ch 37 p847-850

    HW – SAE p467: 15-19 (5) (Typo #15 “ERV”, not ERC) Due Monday March  30


    Thurs/Fri March 26-27

    Turn in SAE p467: 15-19 (5)

    Video Review:  Upper Respiratory Anatomy (7 min)

    Respiratory Physiology p448-452 (PP#2 1-16)                          Elsevier Ch 36 p823-831

    CW - Coloring WB p256-257

    HW - Study for Quiz 13 - Steps of Resp, Parts of Upper & Lower Resp Tract Just for Practice


    Monday March 30

    Quiz 13 - Steps of Resp, Parts of Upper & Lower Resp Tract

    Video Review:  Lower Resp Tract Anatomy

    Review 4 Steps of Resp

    Respiratory Volumes & Capacities p452-453 (PP#2 17-23)      Elsevier Ch 36 p831-836 & Ch 37 p848-857

    Have you printed out the Respiratory Notes?


    Tuesday March 31

    Review Lung Anatomy (2 min)

    HW – SAE p467: 20-24, CrTh 25-27  ExCr 28-30  (8 + 3)  Due Tuesday April 14

    Nutrition Project Due Tuedsay May 5


    Wednesday April 1

    Review Resp Phys & Resp Volumes & Capacities 

    More Steps of Respiration p453-456 (PP #2 24-40)                   Elsevier Ch 36 p831-836 & Ch 37 p848-857

    Instructions:  Q4 Project - 3 Day Diet Analysis Due Friday May 1

    HW – SAE p467: 20-24, CrTh 25-27  ExCr 28-30  (8 + 3)  Due Tuesday April 14


    Thurs/Fri April 2-3

    Turn in HW - SAE p467: 20-24, CrTh 25-27  ExCr 28-30  (8 + 3)

    Control of Resp, Resp Disorders, Devel. Aspects p456-464 (PP#2 41-56)        Elsevier Ch 36 p836-840

    HW – Study for Ch 13 Test Tuesday April 14                Have you printed out the Respiratory Notes?


    Monday April 6

    Crash Course Circulatory System  (12 min)

    Crash Course Respiratory System   Part 1 (9 min)

    Crash Course Respiratory System   Part 2 (10 min)

    Respiratory Volumes & Capacities (8.5 min)

    Prepare for Respiratory System Test


    Friday April 10

    Respiratory System Questions DUE 

    Respiratory System Test is next week

    Nutrition Project Due Tuesday May 5


    Ch 14-15 Digestive & Urinary- 2020

    Elsevier Ch 38, 39, 40, 41, 42

    Wednesday April 15

    Test on Student Portal - Respiratory System

         Begins today 10 a.m. and Ends Friday 10 p.m.

    Begin Digestive System

    Mouth to Esophagus p469-472 (21 slides)                               Elsevier Ch 38 p860-871

    CW/HW - Draw, Color, & Label Digestive System & Accessory Organs

                     Include all 3 sphincters/valves: cardioesophageal, pyloric, & ileocecal          


    Thurs-Friday April 16-17

    BW - Latin/Greek roots: bucca, gingiva, gastro, hepato, entero, ileo, colo, procto, aliment, lingu

    Stomach to Large Intestine p472-478  (27 slides)                    Elsevier Ch 38 p 871-873 & Ch 39 p881-886

    Accessory Digestive Organs p479-481 (28 slides)                    Elsevier Ch 39 p886-892

    HW - SAE p515:  16-23 (8)

    Respiratory System Test is due by 10 p.m.

    Nutrition Project Due Tuesday May 5


    Monday-Wedneday April 20-22

    Functions of Digestion p481-493 slides 1-36                             Elsevier Ch 40 p900-922

    HW - SAE p515:  24-31 (8)

             Study for Quiz 14A - Mouth to Stomach p469-475 (fill in blank)

    Quiz 14A - Mouth to Stomach (fill in blank)

    CW - Coloring Workbook p274-275


    Thursday April 23

    Digestive System Questions DUE (16-31)


    Digestive Crash Course Part 1 (11 min)

    Digestive Crash Course Part 2 (11 min)

    Digestive Crash Course Part 3 (10 min)


    Friday-Sunday April 24-26

    Review WB pages 274-277

    Test 14A - Digestive System = 30 points (Mult Ch & Matching)


    Nutrition Videos:

    Food "Pyramid" for Kids (1 min)

    Nutrition Crash Course Part 1 (10.5 min)

    Nutrition Crash Course Part 2 (10 min)

    How to Calculate BMI (3 min)


    Monday April 27

    Ch14 Part II - Nutrition & Metabolism

    Nutrients & Food Pyramids

    Nutrition PP p492-495 Slides 1-17                                              Elsevier Ch 41 p928-954

    Nutrition Project Due Tuesday May 5


    Tuesday April 28

    Metabolism of Nutrients

    Nutrition PP p495-507 Slides 17-40                                Elsevier Ch 41 p928-954

    CW - SAE p516: 32-40 (9) Due tomorrow


    Wednesday April 29

    Body Energy Balance

    Nutrition PP Slides 41-64                                               Elsevier Ch 41 p928-954

    Nutrition Questions DUE (32-40)

    Prepare for Test B – Nutrition & Metabolism

    Watch the Video links above!


    Thurs-Fri April 30-May 1   

    Test 14B - Nutrition 


    Nutrition Project Due Tuesday May 5


    Monday May 4

    Begin Ch 15 - Urinary System

    Anatomy of Urinary System PP (1-13)                          Elsevier Ch 42 p964-968

    CW – (1) Draw, Color, & Label organs of Urinary System

                        (p519 or other similar illustration)

    (2) CWB p303 Label & Color Nephron (Arrows also useful)

    Click here for CWB p303 Nephron


    Tuesday May 5

    Nutrition Project Due NOW!

    Kidney & Blood Flow PP (14-33)                                   Elsevier Ch 42 p969-973

    Urinary System Animation (6 min)

    Read p518-527 Kidney Anatomy & Physiology

    HW – Questions p542: 13-18, 21 (7) Due May 8


    Wednesday May 6

    Physiology of Urinary System PP (34-54)                                   Elsevier Ch 42 p974-986

    Crash Course Urinary System (12 min)

    HW – Questions p542: 24-31 (8) Due May 8

                     Extra Credit #33


    Thurs May 7

    HW – Questions p542: 13-18, 21,24-31 (15) Due May 8

                     Extra Credit #33


    Fri May 8

    Urinary Questions DUE p542: 13-18, 21, 24-31 (15)


    Fri-Mon May 8-11

    Test Ch 15 - Urinary System


    Tuesday May 12

    Reproductive System

    PP Boy Parts p546-552

    CW - Reprod CWB pages p320-321 Male

    There are no questions to turn in for this chapter.

    Click here for CWB Reproductive 


    Wed May 13

    PP Girl Parts p553-562

    CW – Reprod CWB pages p326 Female


    Thurs May 14

    PP Babies p563-571  (Slides 21-end)

    CW –  Reprod CWB pages p334 Babies


    Fri-Mon May 15-18

    Test - Reproductive System


    If you've completed everything, then you are done!!  WooHoo!!


    Saturday May 23 - Monday May 25

    Skyward/Student Portal Make-Up Tests:

    Urinary Test

    Reproductive Test



    Monday June 1

    Skyward/Student Portal Make-Up Tests:

    Nutrition Test  9pm

    Urinary Test   10pm

    Reproductive Test   11pm