Classroom Policies

  • Asking for Help

    Asking for Help

    All students must raise their hand to ask a question or request help on an assignment.

    Ask for Help- When you are struggling or unsure about an assignment or the class as a whole I want to know. I want you to come speak with me to discuss your concerns and talk about alternatives or plan out a way to resolve the issue right away. You have a right to express when you do not understand something. Chances are that your peers feel the same way.

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  • Tardy Policy

    Tardy Policy

    Students who arrive late to my class more than 3 times will receive Detention

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  • Turning in Late Assignments

    Turning in Late Assignments

    All students have the opportunity to make up assignments. However they must be turned in 1 week prior to the end of the grading period to receive credit.​

    All late assignments will receive -10% on the grade they earned as a penalty. For example, if a student turned in an assignment 1 week late and received an 80% they will be given a 70%.

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  • Bathroom Passes

    Bathroom Passes

    Students will receive 3 bathroom passes each quarter. When a student needs to use the restroom they must raise their hand and cross their pointer finger and middle finger to indicate they need to use the restroom. Once they obtain permission, they turn in their pass, sign out by the front door, take the bathroom hall pass with them, and then must return within 5 minutes. Students are required to sign back in. Any left over passes at the end of that quarter will be turned back into the teacher. Students will then receive 2 Panther Bucks for each pass that was returned. This policy is in place to discourage excess bathroom breaks.

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