• Grades will be based on Tests, Classwork/Projects, and Homework.
    If an assignment is begun in class it will go in the Classwork/Projects category.
    Homework assignments are generally inquiry tasks or 'fun' introductory tasks that will be assigned on Mondays, due on Friday.

    Category weights are as follows.
    45% Classwork/projects
    50% TESTS
    5% Homework

    If a student wishes to raise a test grade, corrections can be submitted.
    Corrections should be done on notebook paper or typed into a Word document which can be printed or submitted to me online.
    For each item, half of the lost points will be restored.  (it pays to get it right the first time!)
    For example, a student who earned a 50% on a test could raise that grade to a 75% by submitting corrections for each incorrect answer.

    Assignments for online classes will be posted in TEAMS.
    Assignments for Face to Face classes will often mirror those of online classes.

    Check TEAMS through your student desktop for assignments. 

    For other information you may check
    8th Grade Physical Science or
    Honors Physical Science