• Grading Policies for School.. away from School!

    Please complete the required number of Daily Draw activities each week and upload them to Artsonia.   Some of these may involve sculpture.  Doing this in ways that show you are THINKING and CREATING will earn you a B for your weekly grade.  Daily Draws will be posted in your Google Classroom for Art.

    Along with Daily Draws, there are suggested videos or optional activities.  Follow your interest and do some of these optional things, log them on the sheet provided in Google Classroom.  Doing optional activites with fidelity and evidence of THINKING and/or CREATING will earn you an A for your weekly grade.


    Every two weeks, there will be a short quiz over the Art Words of the Day.  These will be similar to quizzes we had in the classroom, and will be posted in your Google Classroom.   (I will make every attempt to make your quizzes EASY and FUN!  (But not TOOO easy!) 

    Remember - ART is not just about drawing or painting or sculpting or 'making'.  ART is important for everyone, because even if you're not an artist, you can use art to help you see more clearly and with more depth, to help you analyze things, to inspire you, uplift you, and to give you ways to express what you think and feel.

    This bottle cap art was made by a dog....

    This bottle cap art was made by a dog.