• Mrs. Booher's Grading Policies

    Homework  - 5%

    Classwork, quizzes, and work begun in class but finished at home - 45%

    Tests and Projects - 45%


    Students who have been absent must be responsible to ask what was missed and how to make up missed work. Classwork that was not finished and was therefore awarded a low grade  may be completed within two days and shown to Mrs. Booher to raise that score.

    Students who are home sick are welcome to email Mrs. Booher to ask what assignment to do!  When students do this, it indicates a high level of motivation and responsibility!   I am happy to email any work being done in class, whenever possible.  Sometimes I am able to email instructions for our lab/hands-on activities, or an alternate activity students can do at home to cover the same ideas discussed in class.

    PROJECT GRADES will include mini-projects done in class which require more advanced, independent thought than other forms of classwork.    Completion of all components of a hands-on 'lab' type activity will also count as a Project grade.   As part of these labs, students will be making observations, collecting data, analyzing it, and drawing conclusions, then writing about what they have learned.  Some projects will count as test grades.    When a project is sent home to be finished, it is always acceptable, even encouraged, that parents help their sons and daughters with the work.   However - be sure that 'help' is in the form of pointing them in the right direction, not doing the work for them.   In August of 2018, which is right around the corner, this year's 8th graders will be heading for high school.  It is time for them to work independently, even if they need help finding answers and/or resources, staying on task, or need help understanding what is asked of them.

    Assignments can generally be done on the computer, if applicable - they can even be emailed to me!  

    Please be aware of deadlines.  Points may be taken off if deadlines are not met.

    HOMEWORK will be given at least four times per nine weeks.  Completed homework should be turned in to the 'red bin' in my classroom on long block days, at the beginning of class.  Homework assignments will be designed to challenge students to do their own thinking and develop their own ideas.  Sometimes, students may feel uncomfortable without explicit directions or a concrete, cut and dried assignment,  I feel it is important for them to work in the realm of figuring things out on their own.  I'm looking for a *thought process* with homework.  Sometimes, they may not come up with a good solution - but that doesn't mean they will get a bad grade!  I want to see if they are THINKING on their own. After all, that's what science is all about!

    TESTS will be given with prior notice.   Students will be expected to complete a study guide to help review and to use as a study aid,  prior to each test.   This study guide may or may not result in a homework grade;   however, completion of the study guide does result in better grades on a test.

     TEST grades can be raised by turning in TEST CORRECTIONS.   To restore partial credit for a missed item, the student MUST write a complete sentence for each missed question, giving the CORRECT information.   This must be done on notebook paper, stapled to the original test, and placed in the red bin by the given deadline.  (

    Because students have opportunities to finish work that had not been completed on the due date and to submit corrections in order to raise test grades, NO EXTRA CREDIT will be offered.